5 Reasons You Shouldn't Stop Your Physical Therapy Even If You Feel Better

Patients reach a point in physical therapy where they begin to feel better. Range of motion increases, as well as strength. Physical therapy is a form of exercise, and exercise releases natural endorphins, which are those feel-good chemicals in the brain that enhance mood and reduce perception of pain. Physical therapists devise treatment plans for patients that are approved by medical doctors. Those treatment plans have an end goal in mind, which includes long-term relief by returning patients to as much functionality as possible before the disease, accident or surgery occurred.

Range of Motion

The loss of the ability to freely move limbs or appendages is a common reason patients seek physical therapy. Everything from sports injuries to surgery and diabetic frozen shoulder can lead to loss of range of motion. It is regained over time with use, stretching, massage and other therapies. Scar tissue must sometimes be broken up in order to regain flexibility. Glycosylated end products of diabetic frozen shoulder act like glue in the joint. Aggressive physical therapy is quite painful but necessary for regaining range of motion. Each visit to physical therapy and completion of the home exercises fractionally increases range of motion that can be measured.

Pain Management

It may seem counter-intuitive that physical therapy can help manage chronic pain when therapy is sometimes uncomfortable or even painful to get through. An example would be the most commonly recommended treatment for arthritic pain. There are over 100 forms of arthritis, and very few have a recommendation to not exercise the affected joints. Most forms of arthritis greatly benefit from daily exercise. However, the exercise plan must be tailored to the individual. Proper exercise includes stretching and resistance training to increase circulation and muscle mass that has long-term results of pain reduction.

Increase Muscle Mass

Many chronic pain sufferers have lost a significant amount of muscle mass. It is widely known in the medical community that chronic low back pain sufferers that have no discernible active disease process can greatly reduce their pain by building up their back muscles and correcting bad posture. The human body is made to move, and movement helps build and maintain muscle mass. Physical therapists do not leave the muscle building to chance. The therapy regimens often target specific muscles in a specific order that are intended to be strengthened on a schedule. Quitting physical therapy early leaves part of the treatment undone, inviting pain to return.

Legal Issues

If you were injured due to someone else’s neglect, it’s important to follow recommendations from all of your medical professionals, including physical therapists. By declining medical care, you are basically saying that you don’t need help anymore, and this could result in less compensation than you really need. For example, if you fell at a place of business and suffered injuries, it’s important to talk to a slip and fall attorney Las Vegas. They can get you the compensation you deserve, which can help pay for medical bills. However, if you stop physical therapy too early, your injury may return or cause other problems. Treatment for that may come out of your pocket after a case is settled.

Reducing Chance of Future Injury Recurrence

Restoration to at least the former level of range of motion and strength is the goal. Dedicated physical therapy patients can often exceed those goals. Weak muscles and joints that have lost flexibility invite future injury. For example, elderly patients are more prone to serious injury in a fall, and they are more prone to falls. Loss of muscle, flexibility and physical coordination are suspected to be leading causes of the reason for increased fall rates. Physical therapy restores muscle, flexibility, balance and other things that help protect against future injury recurrence. Completing physical therapy is to reach full restorative potential possible in the allotted time for physical therapy.

After a few visits to the physical therapy rehabilitation center, patients begin to feel a lot better. However, to get the most out of therapy, it is important to complete all sessions as well as being diligent with the home exercises. Patients that get the most out of physical therapy have put the most into it. Professional athletes pay big money for the best rehabilitation therapists so they can get back to earning big money. Average patients just want their lives back, and completing physical therapy is the first step.

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