Following a surgery or injury, your doctor may have recommended low-impact exercises to aid in your recovery process. These exercises can help to improve the overall function, strength and flexibility of the muscle or body part you have injured or had operated on. By working out after your injury or surgery, you can reduce your recovery time and feel as good as new after the cast or brace comes off. These five low-impact exercises are just a few that you can try while recovering:


Walking is one of the best types of exercise you can do and is extremely beneficial after an injury or surgery. This type of low-impact, aerobic exercise will increase your heart rate and the flow of blood within your body to speed healing. Walking can also be done in any location, both indoors and outdoors. It is recommended for patients to walk around for thirty minutes, several times per week. If you feel uncomfortable, fatigued, or light-headed during your walk, be sure to take periodic breaks. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight—you should always take it easy when you feel the need to.

Stationary Bicycling

The great thing about stationary bicycling is that, even if you are unable to balance on a regular bike, you can still take advantage of the many benefits of cycling. You can use either an upright bike or a recumbent bike and choose the impact which best suits your recovery stage. Because stationary biking inflicts only minimal stress on the body, this is an excellent aerobic exercise to help you stay fit and functional after an injury.

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Exercising in the water minimizes the stress that is put on your back while exercising. Because of the feeling of weightlessness that you get while swimming, you are able to exercise and become more mobile than you would be on land. Exercises and stretches that can be done in the water include bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and arm circles.

Physical Therapy

While in recovery from accident-related injuries, you may opt to take advantage of physician-supervised physical therapy. Physical therapists are able to work one-on-one with you to assist you with low-impact exercises specially designed to strengthen and repair damaged tissue and muscle. Many people, unfortunately, choose to forgo physical therapy due to the expense. Those recovering from accidents, however, can often have their therapy funded by the liable party. A legal representative from Lee & Broussard advises those for whom this may be possible to seek out reimbursement for expenses paid for physical therapy, as it can be an essential step in the recovery process for those injured in an accident. Physical therapy programs may include stretching, the use of therapeutic equipment, machine-monitored walking or running, and light weight lifting.

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines provide a low-impact work out because they provide all the benefits of continuous movement without the muscular strain which walking on a hard surface causes. These machines are excellent for maintaining cardiovascular health while keeping the leg muscles strong and improving mobility. They are low-impact and adjustable enough that any recovering patient who can stand upright can use one.



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