Fitness Junkie, How to Go from In Shape to Superhuman

It is really exciting to set goals and surpass them. One of the most rewarding goals for most people to meet involves fitness. Whether people are trying to lose weight, build muscle, tone their bodies or nail a certain workout technique, it is always encouraging to reach the goal.

What about those who are already in shape? In most cases, people who are in shape still want to see growth and improvements in their bodies. These are the times when superhuman bodies are born. There are a few ways to crank things up a notch or two in the fitness arena and see dramatic results with the body.

Water Intake

Many people completely underestimate the power of drinking adequate amounts of water. When people think they’re hungry, oftentimes, it really is just the body’s cry for more water. Water nourishes and cleanses the body.

It may be hard to go through the recommended daily intake of water. To switch things up, add lemon to a few cups of water. Lemons help to restore the body’s natural pH balance, stop cell division of cancer cells, lower blood sugar levels and neutralize free radicals linked to aging and disease.

Clean Eating

70% of the work involved with building an incredible physique happens in the kitchen. Food is a powerful builder. When people realize what foods work well with their system to give energy and vitality, their bodies can reach different levels of fitness. There are also a lot of spices to incorporate that will make food flavorful, and also enhance the body’s ability to achieve certain goals.

Turmeric is a potent spice and helps to strengthen the liver and help it operate better. When the liver operates at its best, it is able to get rid of toxins better. When it is time to eat clean, keep “cheat days” to a complete minimum. Be intentional about food consumption because it can affect the inside and outside dramatically.

Intentional Exercise

Creating the perfect body doesn’t necessarily equate to a ton of hours pumping iron in the gym. It is all about strategy and technique. Consider hiring a coach and enrolling in a gym like Halevy Life. If a person wants to get better in a certain area of their life, it’s always important to have coaches and mentors to intentionally guide them through to their goals. The same concept applies to exercise.

Adequate Rest

Sleep is important because the body needs time to repair. Depending on the age of a person, the hours of sleep might range from seven to nine hours. Get an understanding for what the body needs to function and honor that need. The body will tangibly show its gratitude in the form of results.

All of these strategies are easier said than done. However, with a plan of attack, a determined will and focus, anyone can go from in shape to superhuman!


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