One of the problems that a lot of women are facing these days is cellulite. Males also suffer from cellulite but the women are the ones who easily see the various parts in their bodies appear dimpled. The dimpled look is caused by the fatty deposits released below the skin. Aside from these fatty deposits, there are also a lot of factors that contribute in the appearance of cellulites. Here are some of those factors.

  • Eating unhealthy foods – Foods which are very rich in salt can help make cellulites appear. Salt can easily enter the body through popular junk foods such as pizza, chips, fries, and popcorn. To combat the huge amount of salt in one’s body, it is advisable for a lot of water and foods which are rich in fiber to be consumed.
  • Sitting or standing for a long time – Studies show that those who sit or stand for many hours every day have a great chance of suffering from cellulites than those who don’t. Bus drivers, secretaries, security guards, librarians, encoders, software developers these are examples of people who have a greater chance of suffering from cellulites.
  • Genetics – Some people, no matter how healthy their lifestyle is, suffer from cellulites. If a person has parents or grandparents who suffered or are suffering from cellulites, there is a very big chance that cellulites will start to appear in the various parts of his body soon.
  • Wearing tight clothes – Lately, a lot of people have been wearing very tight clothes. Tight jeans and body hugging tops are among the latest trends in fashion. People who love to wear tight clothing should not be surprised if cellulites start to appear. This is because tight clothes have a negative effect on the circulation of blood in the body. Of course, abnormal circulation of blood can cause cellulites.

The areas in the body where cellulite is frequently seen include the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks, and the calves. Cellulites do not really pose as serious health conditions but are just very ugly to look at. People really want to get rid of cellulites especially if the summer season is drawing near. Women would not be able to wear their bikinis and other sexy clothing if they have cellulites. It is a good thing that there are so many types of cellulite treatment being offered by medical experts.

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