We all need something constantly buzzing in our ears to get us through the excruciating workouts. Most of us listen to music or podcasts during the workout sessions. You must devise your workout playlists with attention because what you hear during your workout could really shape the outcome and consistency of your effort. Workout podcasts are best if you want to insinuate your mind with constant motivation and relaxation. Here are the best workout podcasts you should get in your iPod or mobile to have an awesome, exciting and less tiring workout.

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Friend Zone

In this podcast, three friends talk about fitness, relationships, dating, diet, personal hygiene and other personality matters. It may sound common, but the style and content will push you through extreme level because the talk and perspective pointed  out by the people in this podcasts are really impressive.

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This is the kind of podcast which will make you lost into the content so much that you will never feel the pains of your workout. It’s like “hearing” a detective movie or listening to the X-files. Just try out the first episode and you will get the idea. It’s intensely famous.

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What about hearing your best buddies speaking their brains out from topics like food, girls, politics, climate change and education while you workout? If this sound like a nice idea, then Read is the best workout podcast for you. In this podcast, two random guys talk about various issues in a funny way.

best workout podcast 3

Put Your Hands Together

In this podcast you will get to hear the famous comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher hosting a show in which many remarkable standup comedians hit the stage. Because this show is live, listening to it will electrify your experience and make you lost in the content so much that you will forget about the sweating.

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Girl on Guy

In the Girl on Guy podcast, the girl Aisha Tyler interviews famous celebrities, directors, players. But what’s special about it? Well, Aisha and her guest openly drink and speak boldly. The podcast radiates energy.

best workout podcast 5

Snap Judgement

This is my favorite workout podcast. People around the world tell their remarkable, shocking and exciting stories. In the background, great beats and music is added which makes the environment and storyline great to hear. You will enjoy the stories and music a lot.

best workout podcast 6

99% Invisible

99% invisible is a great podcast if you are into finding about new things. These short podcasts tell you about the history and origins of things that are all around us. For example, it will tell you from where the money came from, the origin of the fortune cookie, history and whatnot. It is really enjoyable for people who want to use their time to learn.

best workout podcast 7

On the Media

This podcast is one of the best workout podcasts if you want to catchup with all the news in a unique, fun and light way. Two famous hosts from NPR give you a roundup with detailed analysis full of fun and sarcasm about everything important happening around the world and in the country. This is the best podcast to hear for people who don’t want to read news but like to get summaries of events.

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