Health and fitness awareness permeates the world these days. People are spending a fortune on gadgets which facilitate them in tracking their health, training and diet plans. These gadgets help you track your daily calories intake and calories burnt, distance covered while jogging and running, heart rate, pulse, body temperature and blood pressure during workouts. Fitness gears and gadgets promise to increase your efficiency, enable you to achieve the maximum out of a given endeavor to get fit, and make best use of shortest available time. There are hundreds of such gears and gadgets available out there and if you are confused about which one to get, have a look at the following list, which will introduce you with the best fitness gears and gadgets of 2016.

Fitbit blaze

Fitbit blaze is a fitness watch which is a perfect mix of technology and style. Fitbit blaze comes with features like colored screen, on screen workouts, GPS connectivity, all day activity and sleep tracker, call, text and calendar alerts, heart rate, pulse measurement and a music controller to add fun to your workout experience. It is a complete package, having elegant design and innovative technology. If you are looking to buy an economical fitness watch, we recommend you to go with fitbit blaze.

fitness gear 1

Price: $229.95


Intensive workouts at gym are constructive only if you perform them correctly, otherwise they may result in an injury. Gymwatch is designed to correct your gym workout moves. Gymwatch comes with sensors which measure whether you lift the weights properly, use the machines at gym in a right manner or not. In case of wrong moves, its real-time audio feedback informs you and suggest right ways to get better results out of an exercise.

fitness gear 2

Price: $99


Kuaiwear is not just a wireless headphone but it acts as a coach, whispering in your ear, while you exercise. Kuaiwear coaching headphones contain a biometric sensor which measures your performance during an exercise. You can connect it to an app or gadget via Bluetooth. Kuaiwear headphones give you real time feedback of your workouts. Once charged, it can run for straight 7-8 hours.

fitness gear 3

Price: $ 149

TAO Wellness (TAO 2.0)

Lack of time is the primary excuse our minds craft when we plan to do exercise regularly. TAO Wellness kills this silly excuse. It is a small portable device which brings a gym to your offices, homes or even cars and airplanes. TAO utilizes the science behind isotherms to help you exercise anywhere. It comes with a set of special exercises which encourage you to press it with different muscles and counter the ill effects of continued sitting during long office hours. With TAO wellness you can exercise anywhere and anytime. Its small size makes it easy to carry along with you, like a cell phone.

fitness gear 4

Price: $ 140

Lumo Run

Lumo Run is a smart wearable shorts and leggings which contains state of the art sensors. These sensors track steps, distance covered, pelvic rotations, and other biomechanics metrics when you walk, jog or run. Data collected by the sensors is transferred to mobile application and then analyzed to make recommendations which can enhance your workout experience and make it more productive. The best part of this is that, unlike many other smart high-tech devices, you can wash these shorts in a washing machine like ordinary shorts.

fitness gear 5

Price: $ 169


AiraWear is a massaging jacket with built in inflation points. It looks like an ordinary jacket, but it is designed to make you relaxed through point pressure message, posture reinforcement and body compression. It target muscles and pain points to release tension that comes by sitting through long working hours. You can control it via your smart phone and have a relaxing experience on the go.

fitness gear 6

Price: $ 250

Under Armour’s HealthBox

Under Armour’s HealthBox is a complete package which comes with a UA Band, UA Scale, UA Chest strap and UA Record (mobile application). UA Band, UA Scale and UA Chest strap are independent devices which separately measure things like sleep time, heart rate and pulse, and body weight when you exercise or relax. This data is fed into UA Record which acts as a dashboard and integrates data from different sources at a single point. UA Record not only displays your day long activities, but also make smart suggestions so that you may efficiently attain your fitness goals.

fitness gear 7

Price: $ 400


Gamerunner adds fun to your treadmill experience. It combines a game controller with a treadmill. When you exercise on a treadmill, it creates a virtual experience as if you are walking or jogging through 3D games. It enables you to have an actual taste of virtual reality while you are burning unnecessary calories.

fitness gear 8

Price: $ 895

You can dramatically boost efficiency of your workouts and dieting with these gadgets and gear. Tell us what gadgets do you plan to buy and feel free to ask any questions.


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