Living a healthy lifestyle is important for your health and your body’s structural integrity. People who neglect exercise and proper nutrition tend to be more vulnerable to injury than those who maintain good lifestyle habits. Some common injuries and related problems among unhealthy individuals include joint damage, adhesions, higher infection risk, slower healing and a higher likelihood of permanent disability. Here are four ways that you can be healthier and less injury prone.

Protect Yourself at Work

The way you go about your work day can also have a significant impact on your health and vulnerability to injury. If you don’t take care of yourself here, you might end up needing an attorney similar to a workers comp attorney in New Orleans. While on the job, use a chair that is comfortable and ergonomically designed. A cushioning wrist pad can also be a good investment for protecting yourself from carpal tunnel syndrome. Try to maintain good posture by keeping your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Furthermore, take breaks from your tasks every hour or so to do some light exercise. This promotes adequate blood flow and loosens the muscles.

Back Exercises

Doing back exercises can help you steer clear of painful and debilitating back injuries. Sitting down a lot, being tense or doing activities you aren’t used to can make muscles tight and stiff, which means that they’re more likely to tear when you try to use them. Back exercises, such as twists, will loosen these muscles and increase blood flow to them, making them more pliable and resistant to damage. An quality exercise ball is another investment to look into. These balls can be used to perform a number of back-strengthening exercises that protect you from spine injuries and back pain.

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Lunges and Squats

Statistically, knee injuries are even more common than back or neck injuries. If you’re not used to a very active lifestyle or if you’re carrying some extra weight, your knees are already under strain from normal activities. Once you get into a situation where a knee injury is possible, it’s highly likely that you’ll do some amount of damage to them, even if it’s not severe. Try doing lunges and squats to gradually strengthen your knees and build the supporting muscles.


Going for walks regularly has been linked to many health benefits, but it can also protect you against injury. Walking keeps your joints lubricated, loosens tight muscles and increased body oxygenation. In addition, going on walks makes your legs stronger and enhances your body’s stabilizing muscles, preventing falls.

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