Menopause is an important biological stage in women’s lives. Menopause marks potentially the conclusion of menstrual periods for women, meaning that they could not bear children anymore. Menopause is known to cause depression and anxiety in women. Weight gain after menopause has been an important concern for women around the world. While hormone changes and body transformation after menopause have shown some correlation to weight and body changes, it is absolutely nonsensical to say that you are bound to gain weight in post-menopause time. Studies after studies have shown that your eating habits, lifestyle and routine defines your weight, and not the menopause. If you smoke, eat junk all the time, don’t exercise or lift weights, and accuse your menopause for those extra pounds on your body, it’s time to get truthful and sincere with your own self. Here is what you should do to get back in shape after menopause.

Lift Weights

Wait, what? For all these years you had thought walking or running on a treadmill would be enough to stay healthy and fit? Think again. Lifting weights is the best way to boost metabolism, the main body system which triggers the fat burning in your body. Weight lifting helps in gaining muscle mass, which could help you in avoiding the effects of aging and post-menopausal body transformations which could add to weight. You should never ignore the weight room. Do dumbbell squats, deadlifts, Romanian lifts, bench and shoulder presses. Traverse through the best YouTube videos on weight lifting for women to learn the correct form.

Don’t Snack and Eat Healthy

Most of the women have a habit of snacking. Ofttimes  we don’t even know how much are we snacking until we start logging our diet. You must plan a meal and stick to it. Diet is the key to weight loss and weight gain. You must eat no more than three full meals and cut all the snacks, or limit yourselves to one day-snack at most. You can lose weight and stay in shape after menopause by quitting snacks and eating healthy. I would recommend using MyFitnessPal app to log your diet. This app blows off your mind by showing you calories of all the diet you eat.

Health-Friendly Environment

Most women facing post-menopausal weight gain issues have families and kids. This kind of environment could infuse in unhealthy eating. When you start dieting or eating healthy, people around you will ask you questions and force you to eat more. Make a health-friendly environment around you. Don’t get carried away and overeat during hanging out or a family dinner. Small things make a difference.

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