Are you eager to pack muscle mass onto your frame? Engaging in resistance training is the quickest way to gain muscle mass. Training with free weights helps you to enter an anabolic, or muscle building state; and if you receive enough rest time between workouts you will optimize your muscle building campaign. Remember that working out breaks down your muscles and you grow when away from the weight room. Building muscle mass is a great tool for weight loss and keeping your weight in check since greater muscle mass translates to greater metabolism.

Overtraining is a big problem that newbie bodybuilders encounter. Spending marathon sessions in the gym and lifting weights seven days per week leads to fatigue, burnout and minimal – if any – muscle gains. Grow your physique to impressive proportions by adopting a patient and persistent approach to bodybuilding. You will see the greatest, most dramatic gains by engaging in short, intense muscle building sessions and taking the proper amount of rest time between workout sessions.

Use Free Weights to Experience Maximum Gains

Step away from machines and use free weights to see the greatest muscle gains in a minimal amount of time. Using free weights forces your muscles to stabilize the weight throughout the entire exercise range of motion. This constant stabilizing force places a maximum amount of stress on your muscles, effectively promoting rapid muscle growth as you receive the proper amount of rest time.

Make sure to always train with a spotter to reduce the risk of injury and maintain the proper exercise form.

Train with Compound Heavy Movements to See the Greatest Muscle Gains

Training with compound heavy movements like squats, bench presses, military presses and dead lifts recruits multiple muscle groups, helping you receive a comprehensive workout which accelerates muscle mass gain. Compound movements can provide you with a full body workout. By placing stress on the major muscle groups you will quickly gain serious muscle in a short amount of time. Pay strict attention to exercise form for each exercise.

Perform a Low Number of Repetitions to Increase Muscle Mass

Training for a low number of repetitions helps you to pack on muscle mass quickly. This strategy opposes a higher volume approach which helps you lean out. Do three sets of eight to 10 repetitions for each compound movement to gain muscle size without sacrificing definition. Doing one repetition max or repping out for two to three reps per set is wonderful for strength or power training but if you wish to actually increase quality muscle size stick to three sets for eight to 10 repetitions.

Rest at least 60 seconds between sets to keep your energy levels high but do not take off for more than 90 seconds between each set to keep your workouts super intense. Do not fall into the trap of stretching workouts beyond 45 minutes, as you will not effectively accelerate hypertrophy, or muscle growth, if you rest for long periods between sets. You are not looking to make massive strength gains, you want to get a serious pump going, so minimize rest time and pack on the quality mass.

You will see your greatest muscle gains by resting for at least one week between the same workout. For example, you would workout your arms once per week, your chest once per week, your back once per week, your legs once per week and your shoulders once per week. Taking off seven days between working out the same muscle groups helps your fibers repair themselves, and it is during this time that you rebuild your physique and gain muscle mass.

Fools overtrain, working out the same muscle group two to three times per week. Your goal is not to continue breaking down your muscles day after day. You want to engage in short, intense workouts and get out of the weight room so that you might maximize muscle mass gain. Cut out sugary and fatty foods to improve the quality of your muscle gain.

Do Not Forget about Other Important Aspects

Getting your desired body involves a lot more than lifting weights; you need to adopt a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet plan . Do not forget to eat a balanced, nutritious diet rich with complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. You will optimize your muscle building regimen by fueling your machine effectively with a sound diet program. Also drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your system and aid in the repair process between resistance training workouts; adequate water intake is also vital for your muscle-building and weight loss efforts because dehydration can slow metabolism and cause feelings of hunger that are actually thirst.

Get enough sleep as well–research has shown that not getting enough shut eye can thwart your efforts at getting your dream body on many fronts. Numerous studies out of the University of Chicago have found that lack of sleep can affect fat cell functioning, mess with insulin levels, increase body fat and alter the normal production of hormones important for regulating appetite and feelings of fullness.


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