34 year old Amanda was standing in her bathroom looking at her body: she was looking at 281 lose pounds, out of shape body standing clueless and without any control of life. A few days before this, Amanda’s doctor had diagnosed her with a stress eating condition called nonalcoholic cirrhosis. She was on her way to 300 pounds. That’s when she decided to take things in control. Today, Amanda weighs 194 pounds, and swiftly moving towards her goal of 160 pounds. She hasn’t been this happy her entire life. She is feeling improvement in all walks of life, gives time to her hobbies, feel more energetic and productive throughout the day. Here’s how Amanda did this.

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Deciding to be Better

First step was to let go of fear. You are alive, you are here, in the present, thought Amanda. She sat down with her doctor who gave her some initial medications to kick start her energy levels and to treat her medical condition. She then joined a gym and started doing simple exercises, from weight training to HIIT.

Changing the Diet

Here comes the turning point in Amanda’s story: the diet. Amanda says that she had never counted calories while eating. Her family had an inclination of over-eating. She had never pondered over what she was putting in her mouth before her ordeal started.

 “I just ate whatever tasted good. I realize now that sometimes I was eating as many calories in a single meal as I was supposed to have in an entire day,” says Amanda.

Small Steps

Amanda decided to tread on the simple path: she emphatically researched the internet, cut added sugar, started eating less, and talked to other, experienced gym members to get diet and health advice. Amanda says that her taste bud quickly started evolving to her near habits. Before all of this, she used to gulp junk, fast food and fattening snacks. Now, whenever she felt hungry, she ate yogurt and fruit. It is important to note that Amanda let go of fast food, processed foods and added sugar altogether.

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Amanda did these simple but challenging steps for three months, and lost 30 pounds. She then went to a weight loss clinic, who made her a plan of eating five daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The plan was basically to infuse in Amanda’s life a habit of healthy snacking, so as to maintain healthy eating habits she had developed in her three months.

Fitbit Tracker

Amanda then bought Fitbit health tracker, and started doing 10,000 steps a day, but today, Amanda is up to taking 14,000 steps per day, and goes to the gym every day except Sundays.

Amanda started getting stronger, and healthier. She was sleeping like a baby. She kept tracking her habit using the Fitbit health tracker.  Amanda is far from stopping now. She does all sorts of exercises, and has added Yoga to her workout routine. She regularly does 100 pounds bench press.

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Amanda’s diet started from fruit and milkshake in breakfast, vegetables and fruits, rice cake and sometimes zoodles in lunch and then a low calorie dinner.

I don’t know about you, but I am going for a run after reading Amanda’s story right now.


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