Yoga is getting a lot of attention because of its almost-guaranteed results in giving you peace, spiritual gratification, art of living in the present and fitness. Going to Yoga classes regularly is a must for almost everyone, but there are many yoga poses which you can practice at home and get instant results. Specifically, there are three yoga poses which could give you toned arms and core. You can do these three poses daily at your home and feel good. These poses shed fat off your arms, belly and overall body, and give strengthen your core. These poses must be practiced regularly to get the real results.

Quarter Dog Yoga Pose

Put your weight on your hands and knees. Make sure that your wrists are under your shoulders and your knees must be directly beneath your hips so that all your posture bears the weight of your core.  Now deeply inhale while tucking your toes under your heels. Exhale while lifting your hips, coming into Downward Facing Dog. The fingers of your hands must be spread wide on the mat or floor to divide the weight evenly. Your elbows and middle fingers must fall in a straight line. Do this posture for as long as you can.

yoga 1


Put your hands on the floor, spread the fingers and put a firm grip. Now try to life your legs by squeezing the knees. You can easily lift your legs off the ground if you squeeze your legs and knees so as to bring them at a narrow distance. Stay in a position as shown in the image below as long as you can. Do at least 5 cycles daily.

yoga 2


First of all, sit against a wall. Place your forearms in front of you on the floor and clasp your fingers. Place the top of your head on the floor about eight inches away from the wall. Straighten your legs, and walk your feet toward your head. Now bend one knee and try to make it close to your chest. Try to take the other leg off the floor and move it straight up. You might find it difficult to do, but try this daily and you will become a pro. You can take the support of the wall in the initial stages.

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