Being cheated on results in utter emotional devastation, sadness, despair and anguish for the women. Finding out that the partner with whom you spent some of the best and colorful moments of life left you for another woman breaks your heart and keeps you in your bed with tears, cold and emptiness. But a new study says that you should actually be thankful that a cheater left you for good.

A research carried out at Binghamton University released this month says that being cheated on by your boyfriend gives you a chance for personal growth. It increases the chances of you getting a good partner in the future.

Time is the perfect healer. While being cheated on enrages you, in the long run, you stand a good chance of living a happy life. Guess who should be worried? Yes! The woman for whom your partner left you.

Craig Morris, the famous bio-cultural anthropologist and scientist, along with some other experts, studied 5,700 cases of women who were cheated on by their boyfriends. The results found out that as the time passed, these people became happier, stabler and were able to find very good partners.

 It’s all about learning in life. You go for an experience, finds out that it was a bad choice, and then get better at making decisions, ultimately getting self fulfillment. The researchers say that the woman who is cheated on ‘wins’ ultimately. It’s all about perspective and a little bit of patience. All you need to understand is that the man who left you for another woman wasn’t the only one in the world. There is someone a lot better, caring and faithful for you. Go out and make your world.

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