The hardest part is behind you. You have faced up to your alcohol or drug dependency, and made a commitment to abstinence. As you travel the road to sobriety, you will encounter many twists and turns that challenge your resolve. Quitting any kind of addiction requires a plan that includes attainable goals and techniques for helping you to stay clean and sober. Success rests on the following secrets of sobriety.

Secrets of Sobriety What You Need to Know About Staying Clean

Set Achievable Goals

As you wean yourself off alcohol, set some easily achievable goals that, as you reach them, your success will bolster your determination to stay sober. The goal could be as simple as taking a 20-30 minute walk each day, or engaging in some form of creative activity. Do not set too many goals at once. Failure to meet some of them could jeopardize your main goal, which is to forgo alcohol. Start small and build on your success.


Identify Triggers and Warning Signs

Certain situations, people, or environments will trigger your need for your addiction. Be aware of the occasions and circumstances that have led you to drink in the past, and avoid them as much as possible. If stress is a trigger, remove yourself from stressful situations, and learn stress-fighting techniques.


Commit to Total Abstinence

It can be easy to fool yourself that one little drink will not hurt. One drink can easily lead to another, and another. Make sure you are determined in your resolve. If you have this main goal in place, it will be easier to maintain control over your addiction.


Address Underlying Issues

It is important to address the underlying issues that led to your dependency. If you do not deal with them, the likelihood of a relapse becomes greater. It might mean ending a destructive relationship, or even changing jobs. As long as the issues remain, your efforts will be undermined.


Make Use of Recovery Centers/Programs

You can enter a recovery center or join a recovery program to strengthen your commitment to sobriety. The Ascend Recovery program has a high reputable recovery program, and its success rate is extremely good. Take advantage of the resources available to you and don’t be afraid of opening up in support groups.


Keep a Journal

Make daily or weekly notes in a private journal. As you track your success, the journal will be a powerful source of self-affirmation, and positive reinforcement. Make a note of temptations overcome. Doing so will strengthen you for the road ahead.


These guidelines will help you on your path away from alcohol dependency. Each day without succumbing to your addiction is a successful day. Keep going forward and days will become weeks, weeks become months, and months become years. Best wishes for a triumphant journey!

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