One of the greatest benefits of creating simplicity and mindfulness in an individual’s life is the ability to stop and observe. Creating quality in all areas of one’s life versus quantity creates less stress and a sense of purpose that is more attainable.

Close-knit circles

Authenticity in relationships is a key ingredient to happiness. Instead of focusing on collecting as many friends as possible, consider forging close knit bonds with those around you. Having close friendships versus several acquaintances is proven to increase levels of happiness and focus on the quality of connections between individuals.


Reducing clutter

Clutter can occupy homes and offices everywhere. It’s a physical act that can inhabit the emotional aspect of everyday life. Getting rid of unwanted items in the home can quite literally become a freeing process.


Seizing the moment

Time is of limited essence for many people. The busy work schedules and weekly household chores often take up considerable hours of the day. Infusing quality in the few moments of free time can allow for new opportunities in happiness to arise. Examples include taking 10 minutes a day to sit outside and meditate or making dinner preparation a family activity.


Create financial simplicity

Financial simplicity doesn’t always mean being miserly all the time. The philosophy means finding the most efficient means of reducing attachment and quantity over time:

  • Purchase well-made clothes that can last a long time and go with several outfits
  • Make mindful purchases that add whimsy and a personal touch to the home versus a quantity of several things that make the home appear “museum-like”
  • Take time to consider quality furniture and appliances versus purchasing products that may fail in a much shorter length of time

Eliminate toxic food

A small batch of fresh produce for making a soothing soup can create a lasting moment more rapidly than piles of boxes of processed food. Whether it’s growing a vegetable garden or attending a farmer’s market, there are intrinsic gains to be made in mindful cooking. Incorporating stem cell nutrition is another technique to improve the mindfulness over food and reduce toxins. Stem cell supplements contain antioxidants and natural enzymes that reduce cell aging.


Creating quality over quantity is a simple process that requires mindfulness and a sense of wonderment to achieve these simple goals. The focus should be on improving the value of time and energy in everyday tasks and relationships.

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