Happy senior couple walking on beach

Sometimes it’s tempting to just take life for granted and sit down. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the passing of the years. People age and time catches up. Retirement looms, and, at least if you wish to enjoy those coming leisure years to the full, you need to lay the groundwork for that happy future right now.

Exercise the Most Important Muscle

Okay, technically the brain isn’t a muscle, but it does experience a metaphorical sag if you don’t practice a cognitive routine. Expunge the old image of someone over sixty sitting in front of the television and vegging out to daytime content by switching off that bright box of moving images and doing a crossword or a Sudoku puzzle. An agile mind depends on constant cognitive activity.

Focus On Centralized Social Living

You’re a social creature, there’s just no getting round this fact. You function better when working within a group. That ability stems from the very human need for social interaction. Embrace this simple ethic by investigating a St. George retirement community or one in your area where age-appropriate communal life is the norm.

A community such as this works wonders to keep the mind and body active. The mind sparks and illuminates as social interactions occur throughout the day, and the body is similarly looked after by a fully-outfitted fitness center. Again, the outdated image of older folk living locked away at home is kicked aside by such facilities as social rooms and planned activities occupy a full day with richly planned activities.

Physically Fighting Fit

The use-it-or-lose-it lifestyle is a very valid way of coping with the passing of the years, and it applies to the body just as much as it does to the mind. Only around 1 in 3 adults in the 65-74 age group are estimated to be physically active, which means two-thirds of the population is content to sit and watch the world pass by.

Now, while the idea of casually enjoying the day pass in front of your eyes is a happy one, this way of living must not turn into a sedentary existence. Muscles will atrophy. Joints will most definitely lose the full span of movement, and the heart will age as blood-oxygenation levels begin a worrying decline toward what will become your new way of living. Engage the body. Partner those mental acuity exercises with physical exercise. A group yoga session is particularly handy in this scenario, but be sure to find activities you enjoy that will retain your interest long-term.

Form a Holistic Lifestyle Approach

Any one of these lifestyle choices will help you stay both mentally and physically happy and healthy, but the best course of action is to bind all of these methods into one happy package. Visit a state-of-the-art community center and stay in touch with friends and acquaintances. Take a class and learn a new skill, perhaps a craft that will stimulate new areas of the brain. Become spiritually or socially active by joining a church group or a yoga class. Learn to swim and work out muscle groups that are beginning to ache from lack of exercise. There’s really no limit to what you can do, although it’s up to you to take that first brave step and leave the comfort of your home in favor of new activities.

There’s a fierce joy to be found from turning off the television or ending an afternoon nap early. Substitute these boring lifestyle choices for new and exciting ways of living by heading to a class or an age-appropriate group activity.


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