Winter is a beautiful season filled with special holidays, outdoor activities and picturesque scenery. However, the long months of cold, snow and clouds can also be a bit of a downer. During the winter months, many people may begin to feel tired, bogged down or even depressed. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your spirits up until spring.


Eat Right


During winter, people often overindulge. Rich foods or an abundance of unhealthy snacks can make you feel bloated, tired and uncomfortable. Try to keep your diet choices healthy and avoid temptation. Taking vitamin D can also help to boost your mood.


Get More Light


The lack of light in winter often makes people feel drained of energy. It can be difficult to get out of bed or become motivated for the day ahead. Get more light by programming a light in your bedroom to turn on just before you wake. This ensures that you start your day with light and helps you feel better about getting up. Open the curtains around your house and take advantage of the sunlight while you can. A short walk outside once or twice a day can also help you get more sunlight.


Add Color to Your Life


Winter can be a drab season. Lift your mood by spicing up the colors around you. Wear brightly colored clothes. If you are a woman, you can paint your nails a cheerful color. You can also jazz up the colors in your house. You can paint a room a new color or simply add new pillows or another accessory to brighten your surroundings.


Enjoy an Outdoor Sport


Exercise is a great way to enhance your mood. In addition, a winter sport can help you look forward to the season. Try skiing, snowboarding or sledding and you might find an activity that you love. Even snowshoeing or taking a walk through the winter scenery can be rejuvenating.


Try Something New


Becoming excited about something new can help to lift your spirits. Start a new hobby, change your schedule slightly or hang out with friends more often. Talking to a life coach, such as someone at Noomii, can also be beneficial. Noomii coaches can help you make better decisions and work toward your goals during the winter season.

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