considering adult bracesA person’s smile is one of the first things you notice about them. A smile can draw people in and encourage positive feelings. For some adults, this is difficult to accomplish due to a smile that is less than perfect because of crooked teeth. Perhaps they had the problem corrected as a child, but over time, their teeth decided to go a different direction. Or maybe their cosmetic dental problems have never been addressed. Either way, there are many pros and cons to consider about getting braces as a solution to the problem. Some of these pros and cons are exclusive to adults considering this solution.
There are obviously many positives about having a beautiful, straight smile. A person can expect to gain confidence that they may have never achieved before fixing their cosmetic dental issues. However, there may be some initial embarrassment when braces are first put on. This could be remedied slightly by considering invisible braces like Invisalign. There may be changes in speech or difficulty chewing food as they get used to having the braces on their teeth. This may lead to confidence issues until they get used to having them. It is important to keep in mind the end result and realize it is most likely worth the short-term embarrassment.
Time Investment
Having cosmetic dental work done is not a simple process. It is a specialized, valuable procedure so there will be an investment of time involved. One thing that adults may not realize before they have braces put on is that they will need to go to many appointments to check on their progress and make adjustments when necessary. These appointments are usually only available during business hours so time might have to be taken off of work to attend these appointments. This can add up over the time that the braces are on and even after for follow up appointments. There is usually a retainer of some kind that needs to be worn, possibly permanently, to avoid teeth moving again.
Besides the time investment involved, the financial investment of getting braces is substantial. Some insurance covers part of the cost, but most likely the investment will run somewhere around $4,000-5000. According to the Invisalign website, their average cost is $5,000. Different providers offer deals and specials but it is important to find a reputable orthodontist. Making sure that you receive great care and results is most likely worth the money. Most offices offer payment plans so that the process is more affordable.
All of the pros and cons should be considered when an adult is thinking about getting braces. There are definitely social, financial and time issues to keep in mind. Being aware of these issues and weighing the advantages and disadvantages can help an adult considering braces make an informed decision.

Information provided by Mar Orthodontics, an Edmonton Orthodontist clinic.

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