Almost anything done in excess creates problems for humans. Whether it be drinking, drugs, gambling or eating, addictive behavior is going to have a negative impact on a person’s well-being. That includes both psychological and physical problems. Of the addictions mentioned, alcoholism might claim the throne as the most common. The long-term effects of alcohol are well-documented and often times deadly. While the physical effects on the body are vast, there are at least seven that warrant close scrutiny.

Erectile dysfunction
While alcohol diminishes sexual inhibitions, it also creates performance issues, particularly in men. This is due to the fact alcohol inhibits hormone production and decreases blood flow to the male reproductive organ.

Alcoholics are infamous for their blackouts, which is a form of amnesia. In a blackout state, the individual often finds themselves in difficult situations, some of which create legal problems and the unexpected need for an attorney, like St. Louis criminal defense attorney Richard Lozano.

Liver Disease
The liver’s primary function is breaking down sugar products during the digestive process. Given the high levels of glucose found in alcohol, the liver is strained causing damage that leads to diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Heart Issues
Anything that increases the heart rate and blood pressure are going to put undue pressure on the heart. Alcohol creates both issues, which puts a person at an increased risk of either a heart attack or strokes.

It is quite common for people to be unaware of the high sugar content found in alcohol. Excessive drinking can cause weight gain as the individual takes on more sugar than the body is used to digesting and breaking down.

Digestive Issues
From the throat to the stomach, the entire digestive system can be damaged by alcohol. Vomiting and the creation of acid in the system leads to ulcers, gastritis and some forms of cancer.

Immune Disorders
Alcoholism weakens the body’s ability to fight off infections and contagious diseases brought on by viruses or bacteria. It is not uncommon to find alcoholics dealing with more instances of colds and pneumonia.

While low to moderate use of alcohol responsibly is socially acceptable with minimal physical issues, alcohol abuse is like a breakaway train headed towards a wall. With all of the physical issues brought on by excessive alcohol use, it makes sense death sits as the logical conclusion of the abuse. Individuals with a drinking problem are encouraged to seek help before they find themselves battling for their lives.


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