Losing weight is tightly linked to our stress level.  Stress hormones can cause our bodies to clamp up and hold onto those extra pounds.  Having a few tricks up your sleeve to pull out in stressful moods or situations will definitely give you the upper hand in the battle of the bulge.


Don’t dismiss your breathing.

Sometimes we forget that our body is constantly taking in and expelling oxygen & CO2.  However, most of us don’t know the power behind breathing.  While we may think it nothing other than systematic, breathing actually can be your secret pathway to weight loss.  The reason breathing is so effective is due to its power to relax.  Most of us lead full lives with little time to truly sit back and enjoy our lives like we should.  When relaxation gets thrown to the wayside…worrying, tenseness, and agitation are eager to take its place.  These type of stress triggers stimulate the body to cling to extra weight, not lose it.  Any fitness that promotes deep breathing and relaxation is worth looking into.  Yoga and meditation free the body to let go of unnecessary tension and let the weight loss process begin.  Whenever you find yourself feeling tense or worried, remember to stop and notice your breathing.  Is it short and shallow?  If so, relax your shoulders and take a minute or two to breathe slow and deeply from your stomach.  You’ll feel better in no time.


Surround yourself with positivity.

Our attitude is the captain of our stress level.  Surrounding yourself with negativity ultimately breeds nothing but stress.  If you’re not sure how to submerge yourself with positivity and motivation, try hanging up a few of your favorite quotes on the wall, mirror and refrigerator.  Reminding ourselves of our own strength or potential will do wonders for keeping in control mentally.  Another way is to remind you to stay optimistic.  The best way to do this is to try not to complain about anything for a full 24 hours.  If you mess up, restart your time.  It’s a lot harder than you would think!  Once you have reached your 24 hours, go for a week.  Remember, looking at the downside of life doesn’t change your circumstances.  Stress is like water; it will seep in wherever it finds a crack.  If you’re sealed tight with positive thinking, the stress will have nowhere to enter.


Make a few minor changes with your eating.

The food you eat feeds your body…and your mind.  Eating nutritious foods can breed clearer thinking, helping you deal with stressful situations much better.  First, replace any sugar you are eating with another type of snack.  Sugar can cause massive stress.  It’s not only bad for your glucose levels; it chemically has the power to breed depression and other negative outcomes.  Choose depression-fighting foods that are high in potassium or Omega 3’s instead!  Then if you have a craving for something sweet, try using a natural sweetener such as Stevia.  With a little tweaking, your way of eating can get both your stress level and your weight down in a jiffy.



My name is Dakota Heim, an aspiring young author with an obsession for health! That’s how I found myself involved with Triu Naturals which really helped expand my knowledge of health and wellness.





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