Can’t resist that Big Mac during hunger pangs?  Want to lose weight and don’t like the idea of leaving McDonald’s on a regular basis? This post might freak you out. If you think that you can burn off that McDonald’s meal by jogging a few minutes, you should revisit your math. A famous calorie counting website Home Remedy Shop has devised a system using which you can find out the amount of exercise you need to burn the calories of a McDonald’s meal.

It turns out a single McDonald’s meal is almost impossible to burn by a normal exercise session. A big Mac burger, large fries and coke consist of more than 1300 calories. To burn this, you need to run for no less than 2 hours, or life weights for 5 hours.

Here is a chart showing all kinds of exercises with durations to burn the calories of McDonald’s meals.

mc 1

This chart is enough to motivate you to stay away from not only McDonald’s, but all kinds of junk food.

But if you still want to have McDonald’s, the best option is to go for small burger with a diet coke and small kids fries. In order to burn the calories for this meal, you’ll have to run just for 32 minutes (NOPE! At least for me).

mc 2



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