Being a vegetarian calls for a difficult selection of diet. It becomes hard and tedious to find the best available food products which could give you the vitamins and proteins which you miss by not taking the non-veg food. Similarly, many people avoid dairy products because their body cannot tolerate lactose and results in inflammation; or you might not like milk of yogurt because they are full of fats. If you are looking for a good, enjoyable plant based veg milk, we’ve got you covered.

Meet Ripple, a new plant-based milk, which is best for the vegetarians and anyone who does not like dairy products.

Ripple milk has great plant based ingredients like sunflower oil, protein, organic sugar cane, algal oil, minerals and vitamins. This plant based milk is available in many flavors. A single serving of Ripple milk has eight grams of protein, which is enough to make up for your protein deficiencies. Ripple is available in many different flavors, but every flavor fulfills the requirements of non-veg diet. It is free of sugar, but you won’t feel that much.

Ripple is available in three flavors: simple, chocolate and vanilla. Each serving has around a 100 calories.

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Chocolate Milk by Ripple is the most famous amongst the consumers. It tastes just like a chocolate milk you see in the grocery stores. But Ripple is gluten free and plant-based cocoa is there to make it healthy.

Vanilla Ripple milk is great for your coffee. It has just the ideal amount of sweet in it and you will enjoy the milk without any fear of lactose levels.

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