1. What’s Vitamin B 12 ?

Vitamin B12 is said to be your brain food, in fact it’s the element that gives energy to your brain and makes it work the way it should. Actually, vitamin B12 does more than that for your body as it also participate in the creation of red blood cells as well as keeping your nervous system healthy. That particular vitamin is also responsible for releasing from the food we eat and processing folic acid. So it’s a very important element that does a lot for your immune system and therefore shouldn’t be neglected. In order to be perfectly healthy adults need approximately 0.0015 mg of vitamin B12 per day and here are some of the foods that contain this vitamin.

2. Sources of Vitamin B12

It is well known that eating vegetables and fruits every day is healthy, but unfortunately those foods don’t contain vitamin B12, that’s why it’s really essential to have a varied and balanced diet to make sure that you have all the vitamins your body needs.
If you want to make sure to have enough vitamin B12 in your diet then you should eat meat, dairy foods or fish every day and with those foods you should be able to have enough vitamin B12 to give you the energy you need for the day. In addition, some fortified breakfast cereals are also source of vitamin B 12 so if you eat cereals every morning you can be sure to be energetic till at least 12 o’clock. And if you have children make sure that they also eat enough food that contains that particular vitamin to help improving their immune system.

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3. What Are the Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are usually continued fatigue, lack of energy, muscle ache, headaches, irritability and it can even trigger more serious health problems such as memory loss. A lack of vitamin B12 can also lead to vitamin B12 anaemia. So in order to avoid such problems you can still take dietary supplements to provide you with all the vitamins you need. In addition, as summer is almost there many people go on diet to make sure that they will have a body that will perfectly suits in a lovely bikini, but you may need to buy vitamin B to make sure that you don’t feel weak during your diet.

4. Vitamin B12 for students

As we said earlier Vitamin B12 is said to be your brain food as it’s gives energy to your brain. Most students take dietary supplements to give them energy during their exams so if you’re preparing your exams and feel that you need some supplements to boost you then make sure that you choose some that contain vitamin B12 to boost your brain and help you be more creative. Vitamin B12 is really essential to your body so make sure that you include some of the foods that can provide you with it in your everyday diet.

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