Many researchers are now claiming that refined sugar is the single biggest health concern for Americans today. This ingredient has become so pervasive that many people get over 10 percent of their daily calories from sugar. Here is a closer look at just a few of the reasons you might want to avoid sugar at all costs.

Sugar Doesn’t Contain Any Vital Nutrients

An empty calorie is essentially any food product that has absolutely no vitamins or minerals. As far as we know, refined sugar is not required for any of our bodily functions. While some sugar from fruits and vegetables can provide us with short-term energy, it does nothing else for our bodies. Most of the sugar-laden snacks and treats that are produced today contain almost no essential nutrients as well.

Fatty Liver Disease

This particular health condition can be caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol, but doctors have recently noticed that many patients are now developing it because they have too much sugar in their diets. Most refined sugar contains an unhealthy substance known as fructose, and the only organ in the body that can process fructose is the liver. Over time, high doses of fructose can result in permanent liver damage.

Low Energy Levels

Sugar can be metabolized and sent to the bloodstream within just a few minutes. That is why many people feel a rush of energy after eating candy or drinking soda. Unfortunately, having your blood sugar levels spike so high will eventually make you crash. Other energy sources such as protein and complex carbohydrates do a much better job of providing you with long-term energy.

Impaired Cognitive Function

Many people reach for sugar-laden coffee drinks before tackling a difficult project, but that can be a major mistake. After consuming a sugary drink, your body will need to focus most of its resources on metabolizing the sugar instead of sending blood and nutrients to your brain. Using an alternative such as sugar-free coffee flavorings will give you the same energy from the caffeine without the brain fog.

Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance

Insulin’s primary job is to transport glucose from your blood to your cells. When an individual eats too much sugar, their pancreas is going to be overworked and their cells will become resistant to the insulin. Within a short period of time, insulin resistance can create a wide variety of secondary health complications including type 2 diabetes.

Skin Problems

Young and healthy skin is packed with vital proteins like collagen and elastin. These unique substances keep your skin vibrant and improve its elasticity. We now know that sugar actually attacks and damages the proteins within your skin. It also causes hormonal fluctuations that can result in premature aging of the skin.

Giving up refined sugar is no easy task, but it could improve almost every aspect of your physical and mental health. Those who are having a tough time completely banishing sugar from their diet should slowly try to wean themselves off of some of the worst offenders such as soda and candy. Use products like Monin instead of sugary drink additives, drink more water, and eat more greens. These will all help you abandon your cravings for good.

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