When it comes to losing weight with diet, there is no one-size-fits-for-all technique. Anything could work, and this makes people around the world to try out new ways to get that ugly fat off their bodies. Meet Andrew Taylor, a 36-year old man from Australia. He has been making headlines lately because he lost 22 pounds in one month just by sticking to potatoes.

On 2016 New Year ’s Eve, Taylor made a resolution just like millions of other people. He had been struggling with his food cravings and addiction for years. He decided to try out a new technique this time: losing weight by sticking to only one kind of food. Taylor chose potatoes.

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“Perhaps I can choose one kind of food. Lots of people in the past have lived on nothing but potatoes,” says Taylor, who has lost no less than 22 pounds since the launch of his ambitious diet program.

Taylor has tried a lot of variations in potatoes. He eats baked and boiled potatoes, steamed spud potatoes. He is also fond of “potato pancakes.”

The diet plan Taylor decided to opt is commonly known as carbohydrate-only diet. But this plan is not backed by experts. Nutritionists vehemently argue that sticking to only one kind of food is bad for health. One group of food can never nourish your body completely. Potatoes are no exception. They are mostly known as empty calories.

Taylor says that he is “full of energy” and motivated to continue his plan. Well, healthy or not, Taylor has at least mined out another new option to get smart.

Watch Taylor explaining his story and plan in this video.

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Image Credits: telegraph


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