Five Ways To Get Rid Of Those Trouble SpotsIf you are one those individuals that problems with removing stubborn body fat away from particular areas of your body, there are a variety of things you can do in order to melt that fat away. Here is a list of five ways to get rid of those trouble spots.

Carb Cycle

If you have already tried cutting back on your calories as a means of losing fat in certain areas of your body and its no longer working, now is the time to try carb cycling. This can be done by simply reducing your carb intake for about four to five days throughout the week. By doing such, you will force your body to switch from burning primarily sugar and carbohydrates for energy to utilizing body fat stores. For this to be effective, you will need to consume less than one hundred grams of carbohydrates a day – even including fibrous sources such as fruits and vegetables.

Change workout routine

Many people often get trapped into doing the same exercise regimen over and over again. This needs to cease immediately if you have noticed that you are at a stand still with your body composition. First start off by increasing your workout intensity. Then switch to performing more explosive compound movements such as squats, dead-lifts, chin ups and presses in order to produce a greater hormonal response. Elevated testosterone and HGH levels helps burn fat, especially in troubled spots such as the thighs, arms and pecs.


Consulting with a Los Angeles Laser Liposuction specialist won’t be a bad idea either. Sometimes, you try every proven method in the book and fat is still very hard to remove. Liposuction can permanently get rid of fat cells on those troubled spots. Laser liposuction has dramatically improved in the last decade and many patients are very happy with their results.

Reduce Cortisol Levels

Stress, lack of sleep and inadequate recovery from working out will spike your cortisol levels, making it very difficult to burn fat away from those stubborn areas of your body. Typically fat stored around the midsection is related to elevated cortisol levels. When the body is in distress, cortisol is released into the bloodstream and the body switches from a fat burning mode to fat storage mode. The effects of cortisol can be minimized by (1) Cutting back on caffeine. Drink it only before a workout for an energy boost. (2) Get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. (3) Take 3,000-5,000 milligrams of vitamin C after working out. Working out stresses the body and will raise cortisol levels. (4). Limit aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise produces more cortisol than resistance training. (5). Minimize stress in other areas of life.

Take L-Carnitine

Supplementing with L-Carnitine, an amino acid found regularly in red meat, will help boost fat metabolism. Studies have shown that individuals who take a regular dosage of L-Carnitine in conjunction with a low carbohydrate diet increase their chances of burning more fat. L-Carnitine also helps individuals boost brain power by facilitating ketone body production – a fuel that is more efficiently used by the brain than glucose.

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