Why is it that millions of Americans start their diets full of optimism and confidence, but within a few short weeks give up the diet for good?

The answer is fairly simple. You see, the reason for such massive failure is the fact that most people make huge mistakes during the course of their diet. If they could just avoid these mistakes, then they would surely see a massive difference the next time they tried to lose weight.

Although there are some people who believe that diets are bound to fail this is not the case if the diet you choose is both sensible and based on sound principles. It should also be phased so that you have a plan for when the diet ends, this stops you going back to the habits that caused the issue in the first instance.

Here are 5 huge diet mistakes…do you make any of them?

Not taking a good supplement

It seems to be a popular opinion these days that you don’t need to take a weight loss supplements such as the garcinia cambogia extract to have a successful diet.

While it is not absolutely essential, taking the right supplement can speed up your weight loss, so you start to see results quicker.

Not getting enough fat

Another popular opinion among the so called “experts” is that you must eliminate fat altogether from your diet in order to lose weight.

This is a huge mistake, as your body needs healthy sources of fat for energy, proper digestion, and to speed up your metabolism. Make sure you include plenty of fat to make your next diet a success.

Not eating enough

Probably the biggest dieting mistake made by millions of Americans is not eating enough food when they are trying to lose weight. While this may seem like the best way forward, it usually has the opposite effect on your body.

You see, when you deprive your body of calories, then the body will eventually slip into something that is known as starvation mode, which means your metabolism grinds to a halt and you end up finding it harder to lose weight.

Not treating yourself

While following a healthy diet is a good idea if you want to lose weight, you can overdo it. Most weight experts agree that it can be very beneficial to treat yourself every now and again, so you can have a bit of fun and eat a few foods that give you pleasure.

With this in mind, when you are following a strict diet, reserve one day a month where you can eat some of your favorite junk foods such as pizza or burgers.

Not eating smaller meals

If you want to keep your energy levels up throughout the day, and speed up your metabolism so you burn calories faster, then you need to eat smaller meals on a consistent basis.

Many people have the habit of eating 3 large meals during the day, but this can make it hard to lose weight, as it leaves you feeling bloated and tired meaning your metabolism suffers as a result.

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