Losing weight and keeping it off is a goal for many people. While dieting was the approach for many years, the current thinking has shifted to smarter eating. This not only helps people to shed pounds, it also encourages positive changes that are more likely to last. Some eating tips to lose weight are outlined below.

Start the Day Right

Permanent weight loss never comes from skipping meals. One the most effective ways to lose weight is to make sure to eat a big breakfast. Not doing so makes a person unbearably hungry before lunchtime and more likely to reach for a danish or candy bar. Choosing foods such as eggs, oatmeal and nonfat yogurt will give a feeling of fullness and help the person eat less later in the day.

Choose a Smaller Plate

The dinner plate has grown larger over the years and has reached an average of 14 inches wide. This encourages people to eat larger, unhealthier portions of food. Using smaller lunch plates and filling them with wholesome foods will encourage smaller portions while tricking the brain into feeling more satisfied. Smaller plates are also less costly and easier to wash.

Serve Food at the Stove

While most people associate food with being served at the table, serving it from the countertop or stove is better for weight loss and maintenance. This is because when people are sitting and looking at food, it tends to make them want to eat more. Since this approach to serving meals may cause a traffic jam in the kitchen, it can be mitigated by placing the healthier foods, such as salad and steamed vegetables, on the table.

Eat More Vegetables

A good way to eat the correct portions of food is to divide a plate into four sections. One section is for meat or other source of protein, one section for starch and the remaining two sections for vegetables. If a second helping is desired, it should be just vegetables. This helps a person to feel fuller and keeps the calorie and fat count down. It is best to use low-fat or nonfat salad dressings and to avoid butter on vegetables.

Whether a person needs to lose just a few pounds or needs an entirely different relationship with food, following the tips above will help to shed the weight and keep it off for life.

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