Many of today’s hard training athletes run into a common problem when it comes to putting on lean muscle and adding mass. Despite the infusion of many popular supplements like creatine and protein powder onto the market, in the end success often comes down to proper diet and consuming enough quality calories to not only recover but gain weight. I want to discuss a few methods and options for appetite stimulation that can push the hard gainer over the hump.

#1. Stomach expansion

I start with this because it is the most obvious but most overlooked of any method for weight gain. Have you ever wondered why many of the successful extreme eaters are not very big, yet still manage to eat 50+ hotdogs in one sitting. It’s because they’ve expanded the size of their stomachs over time so that it will hold massive amounts of food. The stomach is essentially just a membrane that will expand and contract to meet the needs of the quantities consumed. The easiest way to stretch the stomach is with fluid. We all know that’s it’s easier to drink calories than it is to eat them, and the same holds true regarding volume. A gallon of water is 8 lbs and can be consumed quickly if you are thirsty, as opposed to eating 8 lbs of food. Your body will tell you that you’re full long before you get to actually eat all those calories you want. So the secret to being able to eat more is to drink large quantities of fluids in a sitting on a consistent basis. After several weeks you will notice that you can eat more food without being full, and that is because your stomach can hold more than it could before, delaying the ” I’m full” signal to the brain. Simple.

#2. Herbal Supplements

There are a myriad of herbal remedies out there than can aid in many digestive issues, including appetite. Rather than using appetite simulating drugs such as Megastrol and Pregabalin, which are only available by prescription and used typically for cancer and AIDS patients, Herbal alternatives offer a safe and effective means to put on some weight. Here is a list of the more common appetite stimulating herbs.

  • Gentian is a bitter herb. Traditionally, gentian has been used to help stimulate the appetite before a big meal. It is also used to help improve a troubled digestive system.
  • Andrographis is another bitter herb which act on the mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach to increase appetite and promote digestion.
  • Goldenseal root is also thought to posses astringent properties that aid in the treatment of digestive disorders and increase low appetite by stimulating digestive enzymes, saliva and bile production.
  • Neem is a storehouse of antioxidants. It is extensively used to cure intestinal problems… and as a best antidote for improving the appetite and digestive health.
  • Dandelion root is also a mild appetite stimulant, and teas made from dandelion root and leaves are often used to help relieve digestive problems like flatulence, fullness and constipation.
  • Blessed thistle is used to stimulate secretion of gastric juices and saliva, to increase appetite and facilitate digestion, and to stimulate the flow of bile.
  • Saw palmetto berry’s main effects are: on the digestive system, to stimulate appetite and provide excellent nutrition
  • Alfalfa is an appetite stimulator and vitality augmenter.
  • Fenugreek can cause your appetite to increase. In fact, it is regularly used in Germany to treat appetite loss.
  • Devils claw has appetite stimulating and mildly analgesic pharmacological actions. Today, this bitter-tasting plant is sold in Europe and Canada as a digestive aid and appetite stimulant.

Fortunately there is a supplement available on the market today that combines all of these powerful compounds into a potent blend that stimulates the appetite like no other. That product is called Eatmor which is an appetite stimulant. It is a 100% natural and effective way to boost appetite throughout the day to help you put on the pounds you need, or even to just help recover and reinvigorate the body. Muscle wasting due to poor appetite or over exertion is no laughing matter. It can lead to vitamin and mineral imbalances that can exacerbate the problem.

Another important note is that while Vitamins and Mineral themselves have little effect on stimulating the appetite, deficiencies in some can cause appetite loss.A lack of Vitamin E, D, B1, B2 and Zinc in the diet can all lead to pronounced appetite loss. Be sure to include these in a vitamin and mineral regimen to maintain a healthy appetite and help to fortify your weight gaining goals.

These are only few of the methods for reaching your mass gaining goals. In the end success is determined by consistency. For many hard gaining athletes training may be enjoyable, and the real hard work begins in the kitchen and ends on the scale.

Try these methods and watch your appetite and your weight begin to increase!

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