Metabolic rate is the energy you use doing your daily physiological bodily functions. Metabolism helps you in digesting food, immune system, protein production and almost all other main functions. A good metabolic rate means you can eat more without gaining fat. Metabolism is a subjective phenomenon. It depends upon diet, genetic factors, lifestyle and habits. But one can affect his metabolism with diet. If you want to increase your metabolism, here is what you should do.

Take Care of the Thyroxin Levels

Thyroid gland is a key factor which maintains the metabolic rate of your body. You should keep your thyroid gland healthy by increasing the intake of iodine and selenium. Try to eat more Brazil nuts and seaweed. These things increase the production of Thyroxin, the hormone produced by Thyroid gland.

Calorie Intake

You must keep a regular intake of calories. A constant dieting period can stress your body and immune system, and the metabolism slows down according to the level of calorie intake. If you have developed a habit of not eating for many hours, your metabolism will become permanently slow. This results in lack of weight loss and activity in your body.

Increase Leptin

In simple terms, leptin is a material in your body fat which affects your metabolic rate. A lot of people go on the low-carb diet for longer periods of times. This affects leptin negatively. Therefore, you should keep getting carb feeds to boost leptin. Also avoid wheat and grains in your diet.


If I were to tell you a only one way to stay fit and healthy, I would definitely tell you to sprint. Sprinting does fat oxidation. It is the best way to increase metabolism and burn fat. When you sprint, your muscles turn into glycogen sponges which makes the leptin stored in the fat go in the blood stream. This increase the metabolism remarkably.

Lift Weights

Many newbies try to stay away from weight lifting. They try to lose the fat first before lifting weights to build muscle. But weigh lifting is the single most important way to crush fat.When you lift weights your body eats energy and burns fat which results in release of leptin and increase in metabolism.

Increase Protein Intake

When you increase protein intake, your body needs more calories to break down the micronutrients produced by it. This results in the increased thermic effect. You should increase protein intake to boost metabolism. Try to regularize the daily protein intake.

Drink More Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea gives a huge impetus to transient fat metabolism. You should keep drinking decent amounts of coffee or tea throughout the day. Green tea is also a perfect booster for metabolism. If you drink a cup of green tea right after you wake up, your metabolism will be kick-started nicely.


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