Being healthy and fit is not an easy task these days, mainly due to the unhealthy food, routines and products that are ubiquitous. It’s sad that eating junk, not exercising and spending most of the time in closed environments is becoming a new normal. If you have decided to lose weight, get healthy, perhaps the most important thing is to keep a check on what you put in your mouth, that is, your eating habits. Your health, weight and moods depend on your eating. If you feel less energy for cooking, or staying motivated for weight loss, here are some of the best cheap gadgets you can actually buy to beef things up. Environment can define your mood, and make or break your routine.

A Perfect Knife

It may sound odd by a good knife can really trigger you to go to the kitchen and do some basic cooking stuff. All the meals, salads and basic cooking will start from a good knife. You must have a quality knife to start things smoothly.

Food Processor

Technology has revolutionized every domain, and your cooking is not an exception. Food processor is the best device your kitchen must have if you are lazy to cook healthy. You can make quick recipes like soups, humus, vegetables, salads and smoothies using a good food processor.


A dehydrator is necessary, especially in summer when fruits and food items in general get wet and moisturized. You can dehydrate fruits, bread, and other items using a dehydrator to keep them fresh and healthy.


Juices must be an integral part of your life. They can kill your desires for sodas, and detox your body. Using a juicer can help you make fresh juices and shakes for breakfasts.

Cast-iron Skillet

If you want to eat healthy, that means you will want to minimize oil in your food. For that, you will need a cast-iron skillet, a kind of non-sticky pan which allows you to cook without oil. You can make chicken, vegetables, nuggets and much more using this device. It also retains heat, so you can use this as a toaster too.


Steamer is a must because it helps you make steamed chicken and vegetables, the most fruitful diet for weight loss and fitness. You can just put chicken and vegetables on the steamer cover, put water inside and after 15 minutes, your steamed chicken will be ready. You can get a steamer for around $15.

Toaster Oven

Toaster over gives you a two in one device, using which you can toast your meals, peanut butter sandwiches, salads, and toast normal bread.


Shape and looks of food can define your eating experience. If you are eating healthy, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or dull. A spiralizer gives veggies a noodle-like shape, which you can use in salads and normal meals.

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