Living a healthy and long life is desired by everyone, but a very few decide to consistently tread on a path that could promise health and more than average life. If you want to live longer, besides exercise and stress-free routine, you need to eat certain foods. These foods are scientifically proven to increase your life span. Merely living a long life is not the desired goal. Your years here must be full of health and good spirit. These foods nourish your body in multifarious ways, making it fit to work for a long period of time.


Nuts are the best snacks you could have daily. Apart from killing those hunger pangs, nuts could give you a lot of fiber and internal health. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health establishes that eating nuts prevents people from dying young.

Whole Grain Food

It’s now a pretty much a well-known fact  that one should avoid white bread, and focus more on bran and whole grain wheat. But several studies have proved that having whole grain breads and related diet increases life span of humans. One such study was done by JAMA Internal medicine, according to which every additional 1 ounce serving of whole grains decreases death chances by 5-9%. Whole grain is also good for your heart.

Spicy Food

Great news! Isn’t it? According to a study conducted in China, having spicy food daily decrease the chance of early mortality by 14%. So you can ramp up your spice intakes, but make sure not to overdo this. Overdoing anything could backfire and result in problems. Also make sure to eat only those spicy foods which are healthy. You cannot just eat a spicy pizza daily and expect to live a healthy and long life.


No less than 800 studies have proved that having seaweed decreases inflammation and plummets the chance of cancer. If you want to see the results of eating seaweed regularly, look towards Japan, where people eat seaweed every time.


Fish is full of carotenoids that can protect against neurological diseases. Also, fish has lots and lots of Vitamin D, omega-3s, which reduce inflammation and supplements your body’s immune system, protecting you from heart and brain diseases.

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