4 Healthy Snacks You Can Keep in Your PurseStashing some snacks in your purse is an excellent strategy for making sure you avoid the temptation of stopping at a convenience store or hitting up an office vending machine. For a healthy snack alternative, aim for foods that are full of essential nutrients and about 150 calories. The following are the four best healthy snacks to store in your purse for combating those afternoon munchies, while watching your waistline.


1. Nuts


From walnuts to pecans and almonds, nuts are the perfect snacks to have in your purse. The fats in nuts are proven to be healthy for your heart. Plus, even a small portion will be sure to fill you up until dinner. Nuts can be conveniently separated into quarter cup portions in plastic zip lock bags for safe keeping in your purse without a mess. Since nuts will stay fresh for a long time, they will always be there for you when you need to curb some hunger pains.


2. Dark Chocolate


Sometimes you may get a craving for something rich, decadent, and chocolatey. Rather than grabbing for a milk chocolate candy bar that is full of unhealthy ingredients, opt for small pieces of dark chocolate. Make sure that the dark chocolate has at least 60 percent cacao, so that it is full of the healthy antioxidants. Now that is an afternoon dessert that you can smile about!


3. Meal Replacement Shakes


When your busy life gets in the way of maintaining a proper meal schedule, there are some exceptional meal replacement shakes on the market. Well-balanced shakes can be full of fiber, protein, and appetite suppressants to give you a boost in the afternoon. In order to compare different brands and find the ideal shakes that suit your tastes, check out http://www.mealreplacementshakereviews.com/. With loads of convenient low-calorie options, it is the healthy choice over going through a fast food drive-thru.


4. Peanut Butter


Peanut butter meets all the important criteria for being a healthy snack, since it is a superb source of protein. You can usually find single-serve portions at the supermarket for easy toting capabilities. Scoop up some peanut butter onto some whole-grain crackers or slices of apple, yet another healthy fruit that will give you a solid dose of fiber.


Snacking through your day is necessary in order to keep your metabolism pumping and avoid overeating later on. Whenever the afternoon hunger pangs hit, grab for one of these healthy snack options that will keep you satisfied for the rest of the day.

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