For most people who experience ongoing struggles with maintaining a healthy weight, keeping motivated, avoiding temptation and remaining loyal to a regular exercise routine represent the major pitfalls associated with failure to lose weight. However, certain food items and strategies regarding meal consumption integrated with regular physical activity may facilitate weight loss by increasing metabolism and enhancing fat utilization.

1. Drinking Water

Some research studies have shown that drinking several glasses of water each day may boost metabolism by causing the body to generate more heat and, as a result, burn more calories. Water is considered the healthiest of all beverages, even better than low-fat or fat-free milk with its vitamin D content. In addition, drinking two or three glasses of water prior to eating a meal helps dieters consume fewer calories per day than dieters who don’t drink water before eating.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating upon arising in the morning restores lowered blood glucose levels and provides much-needed energy so you can perform daily activities without feeling fatigued or unusually hungry all day. If you think skipping breakfast will help you lose more weight, think again. Many studies investigating the adverse affects of skipping breakfast has shown that this actually causes weight gain by increasing insulin levels which results in more fat being tucked away by our ever-efficient body.

As a result, hunger pangs plague the breakfast skipper all morning because the stomach is desperately signaling to the brain that it needs food. Chances are this intense hunger will force a person to grab convenient, high caloric snacks that provide hundreds of more calories than a healthy breakfast would have provided.

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3. Kitchen Closed After 8 P. M

Eating snacks close to bedtime is NOT an easy way to lose weight quickly. Metabolism slows during sleep which allows calories to remain in the body as cellular lipid reserves. This is another reason why eating early in the day facilitates weight loss as the body has at least ten to twelve hours to burn calories while being at its most active.

4. Include Meal Replacement Shakes in a Diet Plan

Drinking protein-rich meal replacement shakes keeps you feeling satisfied longer than eating other kinds of foods because it encourages the release of CCK, a hormone targeting the hypothalamus with information regarding stomach fullness. The release of glucagon, a substance that regulates insulin production, is stimulated by protein meal replacement shakes as well. When low levels of glucagon exist, fat is more efficiently used as the body’s main fuel source. In addition, glucagon activates growth hormones released by the pituitary gland. These hormones are potent tissue-building and fat-burning substances that also encourage lean muscle development. Since GH levels are at their highest during sleep, it makes sense to make your last meal of the day slighter higher in protein than other meals.

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