Foods to avoid after getting wisdom teeth out

When it comes to getting your wisdom teeth out, you’re going to have to avoid some of your favorite foods, but it will be worth it in the end!

The wisdom teeth are the large molars located at the back of your mouth, and unfortunately, there is not always enough space for these large teeth. Therefore, many people end up getting their wisdom teeth removed to avoid further dental problems. Though the procedure is definitely worth it, the recovery time can be a little difficult. Many patients are unsure of what types of foods that they should avoid after getting their wisdom teeth removed, and so here are four types that you should definitely avoid so that you don’t negatively affect the healing process.

Crunchy Foods

According to the American Dental Association, patients should avoid hard foods during recovery, because it will really hurt to try grinding food down into swallowable particles. Any sort of crunchy item should be avoided, but freshly cut vegetables, potato chips, and beef jerky are particularly bad because they are very hard to break down into small bits of food.

Carbonated or Alcoholic Beverages

When a person gets their wisdom teeth removed, it is important for blood to clot around the area, so they should avoid any carbonated beverages, because they weaken the blood clot formation. Alcohol is also bad for people recovering from wisdom tooth surgery, because it impairs the healing process and can interfere with how any antibiotic medications are working.

Spicy Foods

The capsaicin found in spicy foods irritates raw areas of the mouth, causing a lot of unnecessary discomfort and promoting inflammation that makes it take longer to heal. Spicy foods are not only bad because they cause the healing wound to sting, but also because the ingredients can break down blood clot formation. Avoid anything made with spicy peppers or hot sauce.

Food with Tiny Particles

As the experts over at Schererville Family Dentistry explain, the incision or hole from the incision tooth extract is stitched up, but while the area is still healing, it is possible for tiny food particles to end up trapped in the healing sockets. Because of this, you should definitely try to avoid food topped with sesame seeds, sprinkles, or poppy seeds until the wound is closed up to prevent infection.

It may take a few days for the swelling and pain associated with wisdom tooth removal to subside. However, as long as you follow a diet of soft, nourishing foods, then you should be able to get the nutrition they need without causing extra pain or delaying their recovery. With the proper diet, wisdom tooth surgery recovery can become much easier.

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