Everyone knows that the American Dental Association recommends us to brush twice a day, floss daily, use a proper mouthwash, and replace your toothbrush every three months. While it’s a hope that every person follows this advice, dive deeper into the specific actions needed for the brightest and cleanest smile possible.

The first step in a brilliant smile is knowing what can cause teeth discoloration. WebMD states that main culprits are:

-Inadequate dental hygiene
-Foods and drinks such as coffee, wines, sodas, and even certain fruits and vegetables
– Smoking
– Disease and certain medical treatments
– Genetics
– Age
– Tooth damage from trauma
– Excessive fluoride

General Care
Regular dental exams are a key component in protecting oral health. The Mayo Clinic states that regular exams also provide a dentist to detect problems early and give a chance to equip a person with continuous advice on gum and teeth care. Once an exam is performed, your dentist can determine if any preventative or remedying action such as a filling, crown, or root canal may needed in the near or far future. More intensive treatments may be required after a dental exam such as an oral cancer screening, whitening, orthodontic care, bridge, denture, or partial installation, and it’s best to visit an office such as Family 1st Dental that is properly equipped to handle all of these needs in-house.

Advanced Steps
Composite Resin Fillings– While WebMD states that the amount of decay present as well as the tooth’s location determines if a tooth-colored filling is the best choice, a tooth-colored filling is the best choice for the brightest smile as opposed to a silver amalgam one.

Bleaching– A non-invasive laser or chemical whitening technique used to temporarily enhance teeth.

Porcelain Veneers– The bonding of tooth-colored porcelain or plastic directly onto the front side of teeth.

Everyday Preventative Care
While it is essential to take care of the necessary duties of regular dentistry care and taking more advanced steps provide remarkable results, performing everyday tasks such as oil pulling with an essential oil, maintaining a healthy diet, and abstaining or reducing the intake of tobacco and alcohol assist in the grand results you have invested in.

A brilliant smile is not only reserved for celebrities or the lucky ones; you too can experience a smile that you can be proud of. Benefiting from the regular care of a talented dentist team, performing self-care methods daily, and avoiding harmful elements provides you with the smile that you deserve.

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