Snoring is usually caused by vibrating soft tissue in the region between the nose and throat. The vibration of the tissue is usually caused by forced breathing when air tries to force itself through collapsed passages, according to the Mayo Clinic. Though snoring is very common among the sexes and across all age groups, it is without a doubt annoying and can even lead to tremendous health issues such as strokes and high blood pressure.


Also a research conducted by WebMD proves that snoring also leads to a decrease in sexual desire, low energy levels, poor concentration and Insomnia. But thankfully snoring is very much preventable with the help of anti-snoring devices easily available in the market. Here is a list of the top anti snoring devices that will prevent you from snoring.

Chin Straps

These are very simple anti-snoring devices that hold the jaw back on the right position, and help to keep the mouth closed during sleeping. This effectively forces the person to breathe through his nose and thus preventing snoring and Apnoea. These straps are easy to use and are very much comfortable compared to mouth pieces which tend to leave a sore mouth in the morning.

Jaw Retainers

These are one of the oldest devices to be used to prevent snoring and have been in usage for around a while. Though the design has developed with time, the principle behind these devices still remains the same. What the device essentially does is that it retains the jaw in the appropriate position enabling the passage that connects the nose and throat to expand, and thus prevents forced breathing, as explained by Robert Bates. They are much similar to athletic mouth guards.

Tongue Retainers

While lying on one’s back the tongue tends to roll backwards causing it to hinder the air way and eventually causes snoring, as stated by British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea association. Tongue retainer helps to prevent this by retaining the tongue in its extended position. This is achieved by small suction cups that attach to the tip of the tongue and hold it nearer to the front.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure systems (CPAP)

These are advanced anti snoring devices that are used in the diagnosis of sleep Apnoea. What they essentially do is that, they regulate the pressure flow through the airway by automatically detecting the pressure levels and decreasing or increasing them as per requirement. Though these are the most effective solutions to control snoring, they are extremely uncomfortable and can be very expensive and tedious to setup.

Anti- Snoring Pillows

These devices are getting quite popular among people who are unable to fall asleep in any other position other than lying on the back. The device regulates the position in which your head is laid back so as to prevent the tongue from rolling and thus preventing snoring.

So select the best one that suits you and enjoy snore-less nights.

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