Tooth Tips, Five Critical Aspects of Tooth Care

Few realize how dental health factors into their long-term well-being, and although most know the basics of dental care, not everyone understands all of the recommended steps in the process or why they’re important. Below are five in-depth points to consider about tooth care.


Dentists recommend brushing both facings of each tooth gently for at least two minutes, two or three times a day, with a pea-sized dose of fluoride toothpaste. Harsh and overly frequent brushing damages the enamel and gums over time, causing an artificial decay which can lead to cancers and blood infections in the long run, and corrosive plaque can leave micro-pockmarks in which harmful microbes reproduce.


Everyone knows flossing cleanses the bacterial breeding grounds between teeth which toothbrushes can’t reach; what’s often overlooked is the potential to assist decay if it even slightly compromises the gums. Flossing should be very gentle but thorough, and can be helped along with anti-bacterial flosses for extra protection.


Traces of bacteria can be left behind after rinsing with water, which can have an unseen cumulative effect over time. Antiseptic mouthwashes are ideal for preventing this, although traditional mouthwashes like Listerine have been linked to cancer because of the harsh dehydrating side-effect they leave on the oral membranes. Gentle mouthwashes, like Tom’s of Maine, are ideal alternatives.

Choosing a Diet

Everyone’s heard of the link between sugar and tooth decay. Unfortunately, this no longer boils down simply to candy and sodas – manufactured sugars are added to everything now as a cheap flavor-enhancer to appeal to the public’s sugar addiction. Watch out for excessive doses of the sweetener in cereals, breads and inconspicuous snack items. Even if you can’t taste it clearly, subtle amounts of it exist in foods you wouldn’t expect to find it in, and this can add up over a day’s worth of seemingly-healthy meals.

Dental Appointments

Regular checkups can stop problems before they start, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your dental care. But appointments aren’t always affordable, and not every town seems to have a dentist within reach. You can query Google for nearby affordable dentists; for example, if you live in Calgary, Canada, searching “Calgary dental” would return Sierra Dental as an available dental service in your area. You can use online reviews to narrow down your options.

The best way to solve potential dental complications is to avoid them altogether, and it starts with educating individuals in the proper techniques to care for their teeth. Serious long-term health problems can crop up from the development of bacteria in the mouth, which can spread to other areas of the body and lead to systemic infections. While brushing and flossing may seem like a hassle, you’ll be grateful in the long run.

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