Tooth Aches 3 Major Signs You Need a Root Canal








Having a tooth ache can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings that someone can experience. The pulsing waves of pain and discomfort can rob you of motivation, make drinking and eating unpleasant, and can even make sleeping comfortably near impossible.

When a toothache becomes unbearable, there is only one lasting solution: professional dental assistance. One type of assistance that can be provided by your dental practitioner is endodontic therapy, also known colloquially as a root canal. This type of procedure treats the infected pulp and can reduce prolonged dental discomfort.

This article will discuss and the three major signs that may indicate the need for a root canal.

Increased painful sensitivity to varying temperatures

This is a common indicator of the need for a root canal. Patients needing this treatment often complain that drinking cold beverages has become difficult. The reason this happens is because the nerves in the dental pulp within the tooth have become inflamed, and sudden temperature differentials can cause these already inflamed nerves to become uncomfortable.

Pain in the Tooth or Gums

This can be the surest sign. If there is pulsing pain in or around the effected tooth, or in the gum area, consult a dentist immediately. One thing that’s important to note about toothaches that require a root canal is the pain will not get better on its own. A big issue with pain like this is that patients delay going to the dentist when they originally feel the discomfort, possibly leading to an eventual spreading of the infection.

A pimple forming in the Gum Area around the tooth

It is possible to have acne form on the gum line. Many patients don’t know that when the pulp area of a tooth becomes inflamed a pimple, not unlike what can form on facial skin, can materialize on the gums. According to a dentist in Utah, this is an indicator that dental help is needed immediately and one of the sure signs that the dental pulp needs to be cleaned/removed (Source:

Some may feel that a root canal is a painful solution to an already painful situation, but the truth is, in modern dentistry, the pain of endodontic therapy can be almost completely eliminated. The purpose of any corrective surgery such as this one is to reduce the discomfort and pain of the patient, and having a root canal is a great way to improve your quality of life if you are suffering from any of the above indicators.

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