The Top Five Signs That A Dentist Office Visit Is NeededSometimes, many people ask a question that seems to have an obvious answer: “How do I know when it’s time to go to the dentist?” There is more than one answer to this. Actually, there are five basic things to look for that warrant a dental office visit. So, let us begin with the most obvious answer first.

When You Have A Toothache

The causes of a toothache are many; however, determining the cause is not always simple. It can originate from something as innocuous as eating an extremely hot baked potato to a more severely infected abscess.

Having eliminated hot food as being a culprit, the next step is to see how long the pain lasts. Depending on the pain’s intensity and if it lasts for more than a couple of days, a trip to a qualified oral physician is in order.

When You Need A Regular Cleaning

As a rule, a good bi-annual teeth cleaning Palm Bay encounter with a highly qualified dental physician does much more than merely clean teeth. Many times, cavities, abscesses and even periodontal disease are discovered before they begin making an unwelcome statement in your mouth such as “ouch!”

Moreover, a dentist can detect more than 120 other non dental related diseases–including diabetes at an initial teeth cleaning session.

When You Have Missing Crowns or Cracked Fillings

At the very least, a broken crown or cracked tooth filling is an inconvenience. Food that keeps lodging in a previously filled and now missing tooth crevice needs cleaning, disinfecting and refilling before another cavity can develop. A broken or missing crown may potentially expose a nerve, and with it may come an inevitably excruciating pain.

When You Have Bad Oral Odor or Taste

A bad odor or taste in the mouth that will not go away with regular mouth rinsing and dental flossing is sometimes indicative of a developing periodontal condition. At times, putrid food accumulation or an actual infection is a suspected culprit. In such cases, a deep oral cleaning session sometimes relieves this condition; while at other times, a more aggressive approach is in order.

In actuality, there are many more signs of a need for a dental visit such as: bleeding gums, loose teeth, sensitivity to anything sweet and a bump on the gum line near a tooth.

Experiencing any of the above? Do not panic, just make a quick visit to your family dental physician and he or she will take it from there.

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