The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Dental Assistant







Being a dental assistant is a high paying job with good benefits. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly a perfect job. There are pros and cons to every job. Find out below if this is the career for you by weighing both the positives and the negatives.

– Job Outlook is Strong

It is not uncommon for almost every city to have an opening available for a dental assistant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated growth in this industry to develop by 36 percent between 2008-2018.

– Great Working Conditions

Dental assistants work in quality dental clinics in clean working environments. It is not uncommon to also be working with fellow dental professionals in the clinic. If you want to work in a clean office, this is the place to be. The schedule is great as well. There are usually no nights and weekend work.

– No need for a Degree

In order to become a dental assistant, there isn’t an official associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. There are, however, many programs that can help prepare you to get the right skills needed for the job. You could receive a one year certificate, a two year associate degree in a community college, or just receive on-the-job training.

Cons of Becoming a Dental Assistant

There aren’t much downsides to the job except that the job has little chances for growth. Since the training is very minimal, advancement opportunities are tiny. However, most people recommend using it as a foot in the door as they continue their education to become dental hygienists or advance their dental career further.

The job may not pay as high as a dental hygienist, but it’s a reliable way to a step forward into the dental industry. You’ll also need licensing which may take some time. For example, if you’re living in Ohio, you’ll still need dental assistant licensing in Ohio to get started in this field.

Becoming a dental assistant is a worthwhile career with great opportunity to make more in other dental fields. Your experience from the job also puts you ahead of the pact of other dentists when you head back to receiving your education in other fields. If you’re on the fence on becoming an assistant, look at the pros and the cons, and try to see if it’s a career you want to have. It’s good to look at the downsides to be prepared for what the job may entail.

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