smileYou might think that whitening strips are the quickest way to get a whiter smile, but if you are serious about getting whiter teeth, it’s important to change your habits. Bad habits, like smoking and drinking excessive amounts of caffeine and coffee, can lead to yellowing and dingy teeth. If you’re dedicated to practicing good oral hygiene habits, eating the right foods, and avoiding the foods that can stain the surface of your teeth, you can get whiter teeth permanently. Here are things you can do to whiten your teeth without buying expensive whitening strips:

#1: Brush At Least Twice Daily

Every time you go to the dentist, you’re reminded to brush at least twice daily. Brushing removes bacteria, drink residue, and food particles. If bacteria isn’t brushed away, it can lead to damaging plaque build up that stains the surface of the tooth. Be sure to brush after breakfast, before bed, and after drinking or eating anything that can stain tooth enamel.

#2: Floss to Remove Plaque

Your toothbrush won’t always reach all of the plaque buildup in between your teeth. Flossing daily will target the hard-to-reach plaque located in these gaps. Removing this plaque will not only make your teeth look whiter, it will make your mouth feel cleaner as well.

#3: Use Mouthwash at Night

After brushing, you should take the time to gargle mouthwash to kill the remaining bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria, which can eventually become tartar buildup, can make your teeth appear yellowish. By killing the bacteria, you’ll have cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

#4: Use Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Who says you need to invest hundreds of dollars in whitening strips? These strips contain several different ingredients, but the main ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. By swishing hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, or wetting your toothbrush with baking soda, you can bleach your teeth naturally at home.

#5: Eat the Right Food

There are plenty of different foods that can contribute to whitening your smile. Foods like apples, pears, celery, and carrots are all known to increase the production of saliva. These fruits and vegetables have a high water content, and this quality is what can kill the bacteria known to stain your teeth.

#6: Regular Cleanings

Just because you brush, floss, and gargle doesn’t mean you can skip your cleanings, according to a dentist in San Francisco. Make sure to schedule cleaning appointments once every six months to see if your home remedies are working. If your strategies aren’t working, your dentist may recommend other options.

A white smile is a beautiful smile. Take time to avoid foods that stain your teeth, practice good hygiene, and use natural whitening ingredients at home. Getting a white smile doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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