Simple Ways To Help Your Kids Learn Proper Oral Hygiene At A Young Age

Getting your kids excited about oral health is not always easy. It is, however, vital to instill in them the importance of proper brushing and mouth care from a young age. Not only does good oral hygiene lead to a bright white smile, it can help you to avoid gum disease and a host of other internal illnesses. There are many ways that you can impart these lifelong lessons to young children.

Visit the Dentist Early and Often

Take young children to the dentist as soon as they begin to sprout teeth. Not only will this create a foundation for healthy teeth and gums, it will allow them to get used to the process of going to the dentist. Make sure to keep all regular dental appointments and follow up when necessary, suggest the professionals at Westmount Dental Centre.

Give them Dental Toys

There are great toy sets that will allow your little ones to “play dentist” at home. This is an excellent opportunity to teach them the value of keeping their teeth, mouth and gums clean. This will also help them to avoid being apprehensive during their own dental visits. You can find dental toys of all types that are suitable for all ages. There are modeling clay dental sets that let children practice creating fillings, drilling and cleaning teeth.

Set the Example

Children live to please their parents and the adults around them. Let your children watch while you clean your teeth and allow them to accompany you to dental appointments. With younger children, singing a fun song will make brushing time fun. An example of a popular tooth brushing poem: “Keep those chompers looking awesome, brush them twice a day and floss ’em!”

Let them Get Involved

Allow them to pick out their own toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste and get them involved in the process. By allowing them to take charge of their own oral health, they will be more likely to continue the practice throughout life.

Get Educational Materials

Most toothpaste companies will provide you with posters, coloring books and lesson plans to help you to deliver these vital lessons to your young children. There are also educational videos, books and printable worksheets that will help you to teach young children to take good care of their teeth.

When it comes to instilling the importance of oral health to your children, starting when they are young is key. By leading by example, using educational resources and starting early, you can be assured that your little ones will enjoy top notch dental health for life.

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