There are a variety of reasons why you need a dentist in your life. For some people, dentists provide a lot of preventative care for people with good genetics, good dental habits or both. For others, the dentist is needed to help with a variety of medical conditions, and some are serious. Here are five reasons to visit the dentist.

To Improve Confidence and Self-Esteem

Smiling is the most prominent facial expression, and it is crucial for first impressions. People are most likely to notice your smile when they first meet you. A beautiful, healthy and bright smile can really boost self-esteem. Even subtle corrective work or a polishing from the dentist can make a big difference in the way you feel and look.

Bleeding Gums

If you are brushing your teeth and spit out blood and toothpaste, you should probably make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as you can. Often, you can blame bleeding gums on aggressive or improper brushing and flossing, but it may be a sign of something more serious. The culprit for bleeding gums is usually from poor plaque removal, and if the plaque is not removed by the dentist it hardens and becomes tartar, which brings a whole new set of problems.

To Correct Bad Breath

This is also called halitosis. As common, unpleasant and embarrassing as it may be if you have it, severe bad breath may be a sign of something more serious, so it is important to go to the dentist. Often, bad breath can be from poor brushing and flossing, which leaves behind food particles. Tobacco products always cause bad breath, and dry mouth can cause halitosis too. Sometimes the cause is not simple. Halitosis can be caused by chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, diabetes, or kidney or liver problems. If you are worried or have gotten complaints from people, schedule a dentist appointment.

To Prevent Tooth Loss

The smart way to prevent tooth loss is good dental care at home. If you do not want to lose any teeth, it is a good idea to go the dentist twice a year for care, cleanings and x-rays. Exams, professional cleanings and fluoride treatments are the best way to prevent your teeth from reaching a stage where you need to have any of them pulled.

Needing an Emergency Tooth Extraction

In the past, even before the Affordable Care Act, getting good dental insurance was like catching the metaphorical white whale. A lot of people were not even able to go to the dentist. It was not uncommon for people to go years without seeing a dentist for a variety of reasons until an emergency pops up in the form of pain. For example, maybe you had a cavity and did not know about it or could see it. Soon, the cavity was causing some tooth sensitivity you probably just brushed off. Eventually a problem like that gets out of hand. The decay reaches the nerve of the tooth, which can cause extreme pain and a variety of infections.

At this point you are usually left with two options. You can have a root canal or a tooth extraction. Root canals are expensive, and a lot of people in this position opt to have the tooth removed, especially if it is not visible. It prevents further infections from setting in, or your tooth from cracking off. An Endontist or oral surgeon, like Renovo Endodontic Studio or a similar business, can be a good option when you need a tooth like that removed. Keep in mind this is only one example of why you might need an extraction.

The five reasons above make a great case as to why dentists are as important to your overall health as any other kind of doctor. Also, these are not the only reasons to see a dentist. They are valuable doctors and necessary for your well-rounded health.



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