Dental implants are now the gold standard for replacing teeth that have been lost. There are a number of reasons why they are superior to other options. However, many people don’t fully understand what they are or how they work. These fast facts about dental implants will clear up your misconceptions.


They Are The Longest Lasting Tooth Replacement Option

There is no other tooth replacement option quite like a dental implant. Other options, such as bridges and dentures, eventually lead to the degradation of bone where teeth used to be, which causes the jaw to sag. Implants are the only option that preserves and prevents the loss of natural bone, and even help stimulate bone growth.


They Are Done In Stages

Dental implants cannot just be inserted once a tooth is pulled. It is a three-part process that differs depending on your situation. If you are considering an implant or are planning to have one put in, you will possibly need to have a bone graft done at the time of your extraction. Once the site is healed and/or the graft solidifies, a small titanium post is inserted into the jawbone where the root of your tooth used to be. You will get a temporary fake tooth to wear during the healing process. If a bone graft was not needed, the post can be put in at the same time as the extraction. Next, the artificial tooth is placed on the artificial root. The entire process takes anywhere from six months to a year.


Implants Can’t Get Cavities

Because implants are made of artificial materials, they will never get cavities. However, they still must be cared for like a natural tooth, with brushing and flossing, to prevent issues with the adjacent gums and teeth. Regular professional cleanings to maintain the overall health of your mouth also continue to be necessary. While the vast majority of implants have no issues, there are some potential concerns to be aware of, such as the implant loosening, pain or inflammation.


It is estimated that 69 percent of Americans age 35 to 44 are missing at least one tooth. Because of this, it is important for everyone to understand their options when it comes to replacements. Everyone hopes their natural permanent teeth will be permanent, but if that will not be possible, the option of an implant is available to you. Consult your professional, qualified dentist or oral surgeon, like those at Malony Dental & Cosmetic, to find out about your options to preserve your gorgeous smile.


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