It feels like technology is moving very fast, even faster than ever before. Dental technology seems to be evolving rapidly, too, and giving dentists and patients better and better options. From digital imaging to electronic record keeping, dental technology can make a dental practice run more smoothly and efficiently, and even help give patients better, more precise care. So what are the top dental technology innovations that are being used today? In the world of advanced orthodontics, ortho computers are becoming more and more useful. In fact, orthodontists are relying on ortho computers for things they never used to need computers for, and it’s raising the field to another level. If you are concerned about getting orthodontic work and have heard that orthodontists are now using computers to help get the job done more precisely, you’re probably curious to know just what that means.

Is This About Robots?

It sounds like something from the future; robot dentists handle all the dental work that we humans need. Well, we’re not far from that future, but it’s not here yet. Robotic systems are being used in some orthodontic applications, but they are not putting in braces quite yet. And that’s not what people mean when they say ortho computers.

Ortho computers at Pact-One that use robotics are also very interesting, however. They are primarily used for scanning the patients mouth, jaw, and teeth in order to view the entire picture. These robotic ortho computers do a better job of creating a 3-D view of the patient and helps with diagnosis and planning of corrective procedures. This allows the orthodontist to make an even more precise plan for where brackets will be placed and how the teeth will be affected by any orthodontic work performed on the patient. Ortho computers can produce a 3-D reproduction of the patient’s teeth and jaws, which can then be used to determine the best placement of brackets.

But this technology isn’t completely new. In fact, over the past ten years the world of ortho computers has progressed to what it is today. Research has shown that the use of robotics to scan patients and produce models is a great way to ensure that patients get the best orthodontic work possible, and these days the procedures are being used more widely than ever before.

Digital Models

Besides robotic applications, ortho computers can also be used with specific software designed for orthodontists. The most common use is to produce digital models that can then be used in place of plaster casts of the patient’s mouth. These digital models are highly useful for both diagnosis and treatment planning.

Ortho computers are becoming more common, but they’re still not found in every dental office. If you’re curious about the application of ortho computers, ask your orthodontist whether or not they use one and what the benefits might be for your case. Dental technology like this makes things go faster and more smoothly, getting the care that patients needs completed right away.

Digital Imaging

Digital cameras have almost completely replaced film in almost every application. From private use to professional photographers, everyone has gone digital. The benefits are obvious to just about everyone, first and foremost the ease and convenience of being able to see your images immediately. As a result, photography is getting better and better, and the same can be said of dental imaging technology that uses digital x-rays.

Digital x-rays are used in all medical professions these days, because they allow the dentist or doctor to see the x-ray image almost instantly. If you’re a dentist and you want to see whether or not a patient has cavities between teeth, you take an x-ray. In the past, the dentist would have to wait for the x-ray to be developed. Usually the patient would come in for the x-ray and then book a separate appointment to find out what it looked like. With digital x-rays, you can take the image, have a look, and decide what needs to be done.

Data Systems and Dental Records

Another huge benefit of improvements in dental technology is that dentists can better track their patients. A computer database of all patients and their past dental work is much easier to manage than paper records. Dental records as well as medical records are now being digitized in order to make them easier to view, share, and transfer to other offices when necessary. Now the dentist can simply send the orthodontist the dental records of a referred patient. This is dental technology that benefits everyone who cares for a patient as well as the patient.  Of course, there is also dental technology that incorporates the patient database with billing procedures and appointment reminders. Everyone is using email these days, so it makes sense to keep in touch with patients using digital systems. Reminders sent through the mail are still very effective, but dental technology solutions can even make it possible for reminders to be set within the office, and postcards can be printed right then and there, as necessary.

If you’re looking to purchase ortho computers for your orthodontic practice, contact Pact-One. At Pact-One, the goal is to upgrade your practice to be as competitive and successful as possible with the best modern technology.

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