There are an abundance of dental offices in your area. So many choices make it difficult to choose a dentist that will fit the needs of you and your entire family. Dentists don’t deserve it, but finding one often gets pushed down your list of things to do, because a trip to the dentist isn’t always a vacation. However, maintaining your teeth is very important. Once you lose your baby teeth, your permanent set is the only one you get. Brushing and flossing are important, but regular cleanings and exams are just as imperative to help you maintain your overall tooth and gum health. An Albany, Oregon, dentist can make a trip to the dentist easier. Not only does he offer a full range of services for your entire family, he also does his best to ease the anxiety that can sometimes accompany you on a trip to the dental office.

General and Cosmetic Services

One of the best benefits of going to see an Albany, Oregon, dentist is the fact that you can bring your entire family. You longer have to go from one specialist to another; it’s one-stop dental shopping. Of course, dental exams and cleanings are available; digital x-rays are used because they emit less radiation than typical x-rays. Any service the exam shows you need is available including: root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges, TMJ treatment, dentures, and gum therapy. Not only can you and your dentist create a dental plan for necessary work needed to keep your mouth healthy, but you can also choose from many cosmetic options such as veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and more.

Pediatric Dentistry

Some dentists who work with adults are not comfortable working with children. They will generally refer you to pediatric dentist to care for your children’s teeth. However, an Albany, Oregon, dentist wants the entire family to feel comfortable. There is a children’s room designated for your kids, with toys, balloon animals, and prizes. The dentist feels it is important to start bringing your child by the time they turn two, so they can develop positive experiences early. These experiences will lead to fear-free dentistry later. No major procedures will need to be performed. They get to sit in the dentist chair, look at the various tools, and get to know the dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Many people ask the question, “Is teeth whitening safe?” The answer is yes, if the procedure is performed in the office. When carbanide peroxide, the whitening agent, mixes with water, hydrogen peroxide is released and whitens the teeth. The bleaching does not soften, de-mineralize, or damage your teeth. Overthe-counter products may work to help whiten the teeth, but research is beginning to show that some of the materials used in home kits could be too abrasive for your teeth. It is always best to take advantage of your dentist’s knowledge and skill to help with this procedure.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Dentists have been removing the decayed part of a tooth for hundreds of years, and have replaced the damaged part with some sort of filling. For years, the preferred choice was a silver amalgam. Dental technology is constantly improving, and so are the materials used to fill in the damaged part of your tooth. Today tooth colored composite fillings, and cementable porcelains and resins are used not only because they look better, but also because they adhere better to the tooth, require less of the tooth to be drilled out, and are actually more durable. When you choose and Albany, Oregon, dentist you know that you will receive service that includes up-to date-dental technology for the entire family.

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