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Quite a lot of people have discoloured teeth, due to various reasons like age, smoking, genetics and many more.  However, due to technological advances, one can now reduce the appearance of discoloured teeth by teeth whitening. Though whitening is gaining popularity, there are still many myths that surround dental whitening. This article will help you differentiate between facts and myths about teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening hurts: Well that’s a myth. The fact is that the hydrogen peroxide makes the teeth and gums very sensitive. Teeth whitening does increase the sensitivity for a day or two but the feeling passes away as saliva re-mineralises teeth.

The blue light used in dental whitening is a laser: The blue light is a metal halide UV light and not a laser. Dentists use this light to break down the hydrogen peroxide, which finally results in producing a lightening effect on the teeth.

The whitening goes away after a short period of time: You can maintain the new smile for about eighteen months. Also, you can have your teeth whitened more than once if you feel that the whitening effect has worn off.

You will achieve a movie star smile – whiter than white: Well, that’s certainly not a fact. Our teeth are not naturally white; they are a shade of yellow, brown or gray. Once you whiten the teeth, you will still retain the same colour except that the stains caused by foods and drinks will be polished off and your teeth will shine brighter and appear more pearlescent.

Dental whitening has severe side effects: That’s an outright lie. As mentioned above, whitening only increases the sensitivity and there are minimal to no side effects caused by teeth whitening.

Dental whitening damages teeth: Professional teeth whitening doesn’t cause any harm to the teeth, if done by experts with the appropriate equipment.

Anyone can get their teeth whitened: If your front teeth are capped or you have crowns, teeth whitening will not work on your teeth. Also, it is advisable that children below the age of eighteen years should not opt for teeth whitening.

Lastly, before signing off, we would like to advise you to get rid of the misconception that stronger the whitening gel, better the results you will get. Strong whitening products can have adverse effects on your teeth and cause potential damage to your tooth enamel. So, if you want a cleaner, whiter and a stain-free smile, you should choose teeth whitening. But, please make sure that you seek help from professional dental experts before undertaking any tooth whitening procedure.

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