Your children may resist the efforts you make in convincing them to floss and brush their teeth. Don’t be too alarmed though, this issue can be very common, and most parents deal with the situation daily. However, there may be simple solutions to your problem, and it may be as simple as changing their toothpaste brand to a milder flavor. But, sometimes it may take your imagination to convince them to brush their teeth and floss. One easy way is to make dental hygiene enjoyable and fun.

Kids Oral Hygiene

Get Child Friendly Products

Your child’s mouth is super-sensitive. Adult toothpaste can cause harsh and burning to a child’s mouth. It is important to select a flavored children’s toothpaste that your child will enjoy. For instance, bubblegum, raspberry, chocolate, cotton candy, or any other fun flavor that your child already enjoys.


Make it a Fun Time

Children have playful natures, so when you are teaching them to care for their teeth, think like a kid. The sooner you begin, the easier the game will be. Make certain that you smile and maintain a fun, light mood. Have them hum the happy birthday song twice while they brush their teeth. Not only is it fun and silly, but when it is sung twice, the song will last long enough to thoroughly clean their mouth.

Making a dentist visit with you young ones is an essential part of growing up and insuring that the experience is a positive one should be paramount in a parent’s eyes. Try fun, exciting things to get your child happy about this visit. Consider carefully which dentist you want your child to go to. For example, the professionals at Toothworks are exceptionally adept in tending to little children’s needs.


Consider Rewards

Try a reward system. Place smiley stickers on a calendar every time your child flosses and brushes. On Sundays, if they have brushed every day, let them pick out a family board game to play. This is entertaining and includes the entire family. It also connects dental care with fun in your child’s mind.


Be the Example

Allow your child to brush and floss your teeth. This may sound a bit silly and possibly even scary, but they will enjoy playing dentist, and you can show them how to brush and floss in your mouth. After they clean your mouth, you can grab a mirror and let them watch you clean their teeth and gums.

Flossing can be a more difficult task, as adults can struggle with flossing as well. Consider having your child practice with Legos, or clay while using a string. Show them how to floss clay out of their Lego teeth, and then allow them to try it out on themselves.


Educating your children about the benefits of a good dental hygiene routine and the healthy advantages it brings. It is crucial to ensure that they grow-up with lifelong, healthy dental routines. Try offering significant rewards when they have completed thirty days of brushing and flossing. Bigger rewards can be outings, such as dinner out, a night at the movies, or skating. Whatever you choose, make dental hygiene fun.

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