Brushing and flossing your teeth isn’t the most glamorous task each day, but both activities lead to healthy gums. Children need to be taught from a young age that oral health is a priority. As a parent, explore some of the tips that effectively teach children that oral health is an important part of life.

Be a Role Model

Your children won’t prioritize oral health without a role model at home. Be vocal about your daily habits. Tell your kids that you’re flossing and brushing your teeth. Ask them to visit you in the bathroom while this task occurs. When kids see that their parents are performing a certain activity, they normally want to emulate it. Young children, in particular, will copy mom and dad almost immediately after seeing the activity. Speaking openly about the process will only solidify it in their minds.


Incorporating Fun

Take advantage of the unique toothbrushes manufactured today. Many brushes have music embedded in the handle that’s timed to a two-minute length. Kids play the music while they brush, and the end of the song signals when they can stop the process. The two-minute song guides their oral care well into adulthood because they have an idea of the best time to brush their teeth.


Point Out Examples

There are countless examples of people who don’t have good, oral health. As parents, discreetly point out examples seen on television or on the street. Explain that poor dental care will only create more health problems in the future. Oral care isn’t just about looking nice during a smiling picture. The teeth play a role in speech and shaping your face. Discuss these facts with your children, and they’ll have a better understanding of the importance of oral care.


Stay on Top of Appointments

Make biannual, dental appointments for you and your children. Put the appointments on a family calendar so that the date is visible for most of the month. By keeping up with appointments, they’ll become a habit that’s not normally broken. The cleaning process will also be easier and quicker. Children get to know the dentist on a personal level, which makes the appointment more of a social event than a dreaded office visit. The fear of procedures, like dental implants, can be mediated by regular appointments with your local dentist.


Be present in the bathroom when your younger children are brushing their teeth. Offer suggestions, and be sure that they’re able to clean all of their teeth. A little help from mom and dad will teach them volumes about oral health that will only follow them into adulthood.


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