How Having Healthy Teeth Makes A Big Difference In LifeWe are taught from an early age that we must take care of our teeth. The threat of cavities and possible tooth loss keeps most of us brushing, flossing and getting regular checkups. There are additional benefits, however, to caring for our pearly whites, and some of them are surprising. Read on to learn how having healthy teeth can make a big difference in life.

Better Self Image

Long before tooth decay and gum disease set in, yellow teeth plus bad breath can make a poor impression. Alternatively, flashing a winning smile is a real boost to self-esteem. Good oral hygiene habits should be established early. A kids dentist can demonstrate to youngsters the correct way to care for teeth for a lifetime of lighting up rooms.

Good for the Heart

While researchers have not established a clear link between gum disease and heart problems, many studies suggest bacteria that cause gum inflammation may also contribute to heart blockages and even strokes. One key to a healthy heart may lie in a good teeth brushing routine.

Breathe Easy

Respiratory infections are spurred by bacteria setting up in lungs, and the same bacteria suspected of causing heart disease are also linked to respiratory problems. Controlling the build-up bacteria in the mouth through proper brushing and flossing can prevent or reduce symptoms of some common respiratory ailments such as pneumonia and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Control Blood Sugar

Strange as it seems, having healthy teeth helps people with diabetes control their blood sugar. Diabetes can lead to difficulty fighting infection. Individuals with diabetes often develop severe gingivitis if they neglect oral care, making it more difficult to control blood sugar levels. Keeping teeth and gums healthy helps the entire body function better.

Straight Teeth Mean Success

Not only do people with healthy teeth feel better about themselves, one study revealed that others consider them more successful, happy and loved. People in the study were shown images of faces with straight teeth and some with crooked teeth. Study participants felt that, among other advantages, people with straight teeth were more likely to be hired for a job and to get a date based solely on their looks. Although a trained pediatric dentist can help practically any child grow up with straight teeth, even adults can have crooked teeth corrected.


Healthy teeth impact well-being, self-image and the perceptions of others. At last, something in life where a little effort pays big dividends.

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